Windsurfing Sail North Sails Ram 7.8 F12

Spotless conditio top performance

The fastest and the most beloved 3 cambers race sail I ever had.

If you overtake me on straight line when on this sail I will drop 50 euro :)

A bit details:
The 2012 Ram is one of the most efficient and powerful slalom racing sails today. The design of the new Ram is similar with that of the Warp in terms of speed and power. The sail packs plenty of power and reaches an incredible speed, but it is also user friendly and a bit more forgiving. The sail offer improved handling and performance and represents a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced rider. The sail has an aerodynamic shape which produces consistent power and assures a fast and constant top speed.

The sail uses a four cam design and an innovative hypercam system which allows the first hard camber to rotate like a soft cam. This system assures improved handling and rotation. The Twin Trim Clew allows the rider to tune the sail according to his needs and maximizes the sail’s range. The North Ram F12 is engineered using the Independent Shaping Concept introduced by North to improve control and acceleration. This way the sail reaches a high speed in no time and allows the rider to perform advanced maneuvers without effort. The sail has a low aspect ratio which provides better low end and also improves acceleration. The pronounced shaping in the boom and foot area provides extra power when needed.

The North Ram F12 speeds like a rocket and it is guaranteed to win world class slalom competitions. At the same time it is very easy to operate and provides top control. The narrower mast sleeve improves handling and accuracy at top speeds. A seven battens skeleton keeps the draft extremely stable in all conditions. The North Ram F12 is available in 5.2 up to 12.0 square meters sizes and works perfectly with SDM masts.

• iBumper Mast Protector
• TT. Top
• Stiff Box Batten
• Conical Aero Sleeve

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