Wet Suit for Cold Water

Wet Suit for Cold Water Wet Suit for Cold Water Wetsuits

No Timewasters or Lowballers!!!

Mares Trilastic 8-6-5 Men Wet Suit for Cold Water

Size: 5

XL Height (cm):183 - 185/
Chest circumference (cm): 105.5/
Waist circumference (cm): 86/
Hip circumference (cm): 104


Designing and engineering products for cold water diving requires maximum attention to performance, safety and technical details. Mares creates equipment specific for cold water and ice diving.
8mm neoprene chest (7 and 5mm in the other versions respectively). Arms and legs in 6mm elastic neoprene (5 and 4mm). 6mm neoprene (5 and 4mm) on the thighs and gluteus for greater durability. Seals at the neck, wrists, and ankles in 5mm neoprene (3.5mm). Incredibly easy to put on, these suits ensure flexibility and warmth. New model for women, 100% elastic with a range of thicknesses for supreme comfort.

DRYFIRE PLUSH: This special high grade plush does not retain water and actually wicks water away for increased heat retention keeping you warmer during your dive. Additionally Dryfire plush has a quicker drying capacity which makes it ideal for travel.

METAL & SAPPHFIRE SKIN SEAL: Seals at the neck, wrist, and ankles are lined with either electric blue Sapphfire Skin lining or Metal Skin Seal. This skin tight seal creates a close barrier against your skin minimizing the flow of water through the suit retaining warmth.

SUPER ELASTIC NEOPRENE INSERT: Doffing and donning a wetsuit suit is sometimes difficult. Strategic placement of super elastic panels enhances wetsuit flexibility in critical areas and creates a comfortably close fit.

TRICORE: Tricore is a layered material providing a flexible chest panel for significantly reduced restriction of breathing. The sandwiched layers permit the ability to stitch the perimeter for greater durability. The skin out neoprene is quick drying keeping you warmer and more comfortable on the surface.

CUSTOM CLOSURE: New neck closure allows you to easily customize how tight you want the neck. Velcro neck folds in on itself when needed to eliminate snagging of the plush or neoprene. Back zips with skin on skin zipper seals for superior water seal.

TRILASTIC KNEE PROTECTION: Knee protection made of anti-scratch polyurethane, not only for a sharp look, engineered for high strength and protection without compromising the flexibility. The linear design moves in line with your body while still guarding this high wear area.

FOR DEMANDING DIVERS: Those who dive frequently and in difficult conditions need products featuring superior quality and consistent performance, time and time again. Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that lead to concrete benefits: superior reliability and performance will be appreciated by the most experienced demanding divers.

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