exercise bench with Cast Iron Weights 125kg
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The STRONG bodybuilding set with the bench is a set of cast iron weights with bars and a training bench, designed for training with a barbell or dumbbells. The weights included in the set are made of high-quality cast iron, while the bars are solid, steel and chrome-plated. The set is intended for bodybuilding exercises and improvement training.

Weights with a hole of 31mm, European standard
Professional chrome bars with a diameter of 30mm with increased load capacity
Kit contents:

2 x 20 kg cast iron plates
2 x 15kg iron plates
2 x 10 kg cast iron plates
4 x 5 kg cast iron plates
4 x 2.5 kg cast iron plates
4 x 1.25 kg cast iron plates
1 x straight bar 167cm 30mm
1 x broken bar 120cm 30mm
2 x straight bar 40cm 30mm
8 x chrome clamp for the bar
training bench with preacher
1 x vertical lift
Cast iron loads

The advantage of cast iron loads is their undoubted durability. Solid and durable cast iron loads are used in the most renowned gyms and fitness clubs. Thanks to the appropriate resistance to mechanical damage, as well as the effective style, exercises with them are even more enjoyable.

Technical parameters of weights:

Cast iron
Black colour, powder coated
Hole diameter 31mm
Plate dimensions:

20 kg - diameter 33.5 cm, thickness 3.8 cm,
15 kg - diameter 32.7 cm, thickness 3.3 cm
10kg - diameter 26cm, thickness 32mm,
5kg - diameter 22cm, thickness 27mm,
2.5 kg - diameter 16 cm, thickness 18 mm,
1.25 kg - diameter 12 cm, thickness 17 mm,
Steel chrome bars

Chrome bars with screw clamps are steel solid bars with high strength. The threaded ends make setting the load simple and quick (it is locked with a quick movement with a locking nut). The grooved gripping part with special cross cuts ensures a firm grip with your hands during exercise. The neck is very solidly made of high-quality materials. Each bar has two steel threaded clamps that evenly press down the platters
Technical parameters of the bars:

Straight bar 167 cm
Overall length: 167 cm
Bar diameter: 30 mm
Thread length: 2 x 31 cm
Length between blocks: 102 cm
Load: 150 kg
Broken bar: 120 cm
Overall length: 120 cm
Bar diameter: 30 mm
Thread length: 2 x 19 cm
Length between blocks: 80 cm
Load: 150 kg
40 cm dumbbell bar
Overall length: 40 cm
Bar diameter: 30 mm
Grip length: 12 cm
Thread length: 2 x 13 cm
Multifunctional training bench with a hood and a prayer book. Its structure is made of reinforced steel, which guarantees the durability of the equipment and many years of trouble-free use. It has solid clamps for weights will not allow any weight to slip. An adjustable prayer book, in its place you can also attach a vertical lift, which is included in the set. Adjustable heels (rotating levers on both sides of the bench) and a lever for training the leg muscles will accelerate the development of chest, calf and thigh muscles. The bench can be folded to an upright position

Technical parameters of the bench:

Construction: steel, powder coated
Folded bench dimensions: 73 cm x 115 cm x 171 cm / L x W x H /
Maximum dimensions of the unfolded bench: 173 cm x 138 cm x 124 cm / L x W x H /
Seat dimensions: 30 cm x 28 cm
Backrest dimensions: 80 cm x 28 cm
Upholstery thickness: 4.5 cm
Distance between stands: internal 58 cm, ext. 65 cm
Adjusting the stands (max / min height): yes, 5 levels / 104-115.5 cm /
The dimensions of the prayer book: 45 cm x 28 cm
Load clamps: 3 pieces
Backrest angle adjustment: 6 levels, angles: -15, 0, 8, 16, 25, 34
Construction profiles: 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm
Max. bench load: 250 kg
Permissible load on the stands: 120 kg
The weight of the bench: 22kg

Dispatch time 5-10 working days.

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