Wardrobe, vanilla colour, wood. Dimensions: H 183 cm; W -max 82 cm on the top, min 79cm main part of the wardrobe; D- max 52 cm on the top, min 50 cm main part of the wardrobe. Two shalves self made from plywood. PLEASE, ASK ANY QUESTIONS.

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Blanchardstown, Dublin
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1 month
@ann.murphy.3998263 I need to vacate a place in a week. If you don’t find the opportunity to pick up this wardrobe in a week, I will withdraw my offer from Adverts. I have another option for this wardrobe. Let me know your decision and intentions. Kind regards
1 month
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1 month
sorry can get a van i will have to leave it
1 month
@ann.murphy.3998263 I sent you my details for contact in PM.
1 month
2 months
Ok thanks for getting back to me
2 months
@Nolli I bought it from Irish owner in Ranelagh area, posh, expensive house.
2 months
Hi ..if you don't mind can I know from where you purchased this wardrobe
2 months
@Jajok 🤷‍♀️
2 months
No problem, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I don’t think it will fit in my car when assembled .
2 months
@Jajok When I bought this for myself, I brought a wardrobe at my "Avensis". The car was very roomy. But now I have a "Hyundai" and I cannot deliver a wardrobe by this car, the car is much smaller. The wardrobe is not collapsible. You won't be able to disassemble it. And delivery by van can cost about € 50. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with delivery. I can only give the phone number of the delivery driver, whose services I use if I need to bring something for myself. Regards
2 months
I am guessing no... but could it be dismantled for transport?
2 months
@Hellbelles P.S. The shelves are strong. I am ready to sell it cheaper if you can to collect it.
2 months
@Hellbelles Last photo added
2 months
Hi. Have u any pictures of the inside as hard to see?