Country Music Vinyl LPs Jim Edward Brown Johnny Cash Dolly Parton Marvel Felts Don Gibson John Gary Freddie Hart Merle Haggard Harlan Howard George Jones Ned Miller Willie Nelson Ray Price Jim Reeves Marty Robbins

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Original records in excellent condition, carefully handled and cared for these are true originals.

Country & Western, C & W, Nashville, folk,

Jim Edward Brown - Just Jim *
Jim Edward Brown - Alone with Jim *
Marvel Felts - Narvel the Marvel *
Marvel Felts - LP is Self Titled *
Don Gibson - If you ever get to Houston *
John Gary - Spanish Moonlight *
Freddie Hart - The First Time *
Freddie Hart - Greatest Hits
Merle Haggard - The best of
Harlan Howard - Mr. Songwriter
George Jones - 20 Greatest Hits
Ned Miller - In the name of love
Willie Nelson - And then I wrote
Willie Nelson - Help me make it through the night
Willie Nelson - Country Favourites
Willie Nelson - Classic
Ray Price - 20 Greatest Hits
Jim Reeves - Moonlight and Roses
Marty Robbins - Don't let me Touch you
Willie Nelson - Country Willie SOLD *
George Jones - Tender Years - SOLD *
George Jones - I'll share my world with - SOLD *
This is Johnny Cash - SOLD *
Dolly Parton - The Great Pretender - SOLD*


Ability, Accommodating, Active, Activity, Aggressive, Antagonistic, Anxious, Arrogance, Authentic
B) Backslapping, Bandanna, Barrage, Behavior, Blacksmith, Blood, Bloodthirsty, Boldness, Braggart, Brave, Britches, Bronco, Brutality, Buckaroo, Buckboard, Bully, Bunkhouse, Burr, Bushwhacker, Buzzards
C) Cahoots, Campfires, Cattle(drive), Cavalry, Chaps, Cheat, Churlish, Civility, Commitment, Common-sense, Contemptible, Control, Cooperation, Corral, Courage, Courageous, Cowboy, Curt
D) Dadgumit!, Decent, Dependable, Desolate, Determination, Don, Driving cattle, Drought, Dust
E) Energetic, Epic, Equestrian, Exhaustion, Experience
F) Face-to-face, Failure, Faith, Faithful, Feud, Fever, Fisticuffs, Foothills, Fortitude, Fortune, Frenzy, Frontiersman, Furor, Fury
G) Gait, Gallop, Gaucho, Gauntlet, Giddyup!, Gold fever, Graze, Greasewood, Grit, Gullies, Gun-wielding, Gunfire, Guns
H) Half-hitch, Hard work, Hardhearted, Hardship, Hazardous, Herd, Hitch, Hogtie, Holster, Horse, Horseshoes, Hostile, Hostility, Howdy!
I) Idealistic, Indians, Inevitable, Infamous, Infuriate, Intense, Invasion
J) Jail, Jealousy, Judge, Justice
K) Kinship
L) Lariat, Lasso, Law, Lawless, Leather, Livery, Livestock, Loco, Longhorns
M) Maverick, Mercantile, Mount
N) Native Americans, Nefarious, Neigh, Nicker, Notorious, Nuisance
O) Obedient, Observant, Opinionated, Opportunist, Outlaw, Outrider
P) Packhorse, Peacemaker, Perceptive, Perilous, Perseverance, Persistence, Ponderosa, Potential, Powerful, Pressure, Prideful, Priorities, Prospecting
Q) Quarrelsome, Quest, Quick
R) Ranchero, Ranching, Range, Rawhide, Reasonable, Rebellious, Reckless, Recognition, Remuda, Resolute, Resourcefulness, Riata, Ricochet, Rodeo, Rowel, Rustlers, Ruthless
S) Saddlebags, Saloon, Salve, Savvy, Schemer, Sheriff, Sickness, Skedaddle, Slaughter, Sober, Solemn, Solitary, Sorrow, Spurs, Stallion, Stampede, Staunchness, Stirrups, Stockade, Stray, Supplies, Surly, Suspicion
T) Tack, Talent, Tallow, Teamwork, Temperament, Tenacious, Tendency, Terrain, Territories, Threats, Thundering, Travois, Treacherous, Treaty, Turmoil
U) Ultimate, Ultimatum, Uncharted, Uncivil, Uncouth, Unique, Unison, Unity, Unscrupulous
V) Valiant, Vamoose!, Varmint, Vendetta, Vengeful, Venison, Vicious, Victim, Victorious, Victory, Victuals, Vigilant, Vile, Villainous, Visible, Vocal, Vulnerable, Vultures
W) Wary, Weary, Whinny, Wild, Wrangler
Y) Yearning, Yee-haw!, Yokel, Yonder
Z) Zeal, Zealous

country and western or simply country, is a genre of popular music that originated in the southern United States in the early 1920s. It takes its roots from genres such as folk music (especially Appalachian folk music) and blues.

Appalachian folk blues Celtic folk music old-time music

Cultural origins1920s, Southern United States Typical instruments

Singing acoustic guitar drum kit fiddle bass guitar mandolin banjo double bass piano electric organ dobro electric guitar steel guitar pedal steel guitar harmonica

Derivative forms

bluegrass honky-tonk outlaw country rockabilly roots rock Southern rock Western (Red Dirt, New Mexico, Texas country, Tejano)


Bakersfield sound bro-country close harmony heartland rock jug band progressive country Nashville sound neo traditional country Western swing

Fusion genres

Alternative country dance band country rock cowpunk country rap country pop gothabilly regional Mexican suertanejo Southern soul

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