100 x Premium 12" Inch Vinyl Clear Protective Sleeves - 360 Gauge Thick MEDIUM DUTY & Safe Polythene / Polyethylene 360G
Brand new

Best VALUE for money, BUDGET priced/quality polythene MEDIUM DUTY Sleeves on the MARKET!

You literally cannot get a purer, better quality sleeve than these, NO recycled Polythene is used in the production of these, only PURE virgin polythene.

- Measuring 12.75" x 12.75" (325mm x 325mm)
- 360G gauge - 90mµ - 90 micron - MEDIUM DUTY
- UV light protection (protect your picture sleeves from fading)
- Moisture protection
- Anti-Static
- Tear & crack resistance (unlike pvc sleeves)

Postage: €7.50

Includes: 100 pieces - 2 x 50 packs(Usually €11 each!!) - Saving you €3 (OVER 13% Off!)

Also available in bigger / smaller packets of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 etc, using the link provided below:

Product code: DPPE360

More about these unbeatable quality/budget sleeves:

These are the best MEDIUM DUTY polythene sleeves on the market! They're strong but flexible, not brittle/won't crack and they don't crease easy like those flimsy cheap thin 250 Gauge ones available.

Made from 100% pure virgin polyethylene, not recycled bags/Polyethylene scrap like some online cowboys try to fob off at "wholesale" prices! Still not worth what they're charging.

Buy right, buy once and keep your vinyl free from dust, pet hair, smoke etc

Unlike pvc sleeves, these sleeve do not leech to the album cover, causing it to peel off when removing!
These sleeves do the opposite, they protect your vinyl from the effects of static(which can cause your vinyl to attract dust and/or hair, in fact anything that may be airborne) & UV light(although it's not recommended that your collection be stored in direct sunlight, if you leave a vinyl by a window for a few days, you don't have to worry about your picture cover fading).

Over 1000 Positive feedbacks:

We currently have a promotion, post multiple items together (and pay a maximum of €7.50 on postage) up to 10KG via An Post, so if you'd like, you can:

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