Hard Case Weebil-S

Brand new, unused Weebil-S hard-case.

Reason for selling:

Sold my Weebil-S due to getting a new cinema camera.

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Dublin 1, Dublin
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7 months ago

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Comments & Offers
3 weeks
@Ernie1 My apologies, I didn't receive a notification for your message. Yes, it is.
3 weeks
@justinbc My apologies.. I did not get notifications for your message. But yes, it is.
5 months
Is this still available ?
6 months
Still available?
9 months
@adcrawley: €50 OFFER ACCEPTED
9 months
For PM purposes..
9 months
I'm looking for a set of Zhiyun Transmount quick release adapters as well, just in case you have any.
9 months
@adcrawley Cheers bud. I'm actually interested in your Godox light. I have other gear I haven't listed (matte box and a few other accessories) I'll try get the other gear up and see if you like anything else of mine. If not, might do a blended swap with some cash. I'll chat to you tomorrow 👍
9 months
No hassle at all
Keep burning the midnight oil!
9 months
@adcrawley Cheers for the the reply. Yeah, I'll have a look at your ads. Would you mind if I respond in the morning? I'm just doing some photo editing.
9 months
Was just looking at it there.
Any interest in any of my ads?
I might be interested in the follow focus kit as well, if we can agree a deal
9 months
@adcrawley You can find it on Amazon.de where its listed as HSKB.

Its listed for 50 with 20 euro shipping which took 3 weeks for me. I'll let this go for 50. This case is unused and in perfect condition.
9 months
What make and model is the case?
What are the internal dimensions?