Canon XF100 professional video camera with XLR inputs & full infrared night vision...Offer and sale pending on 1. Second camera available!

Two for sale. Price is per camera

I am now offering a nice reduction.

There is a tiny watch type lithium ion battery inside these cameras who's only job is to keep time & date for when you remove the main camcorder battery

It can be recharged but eventually will run out and will need a new one soldered in place by a service company. If not changed it won't affect anything just keeping the time and date..... This needs a new battery. Not sure of the replacement cost but I am dropping the price to €660! It's a good deal. I also have a second identical camera for sale. Thanks for reading.

Professional Canon XF100 with 2 card slots. 1080P progressive 25p and lots more. Professional XLR x 2 audio in. Infrared night vision in black & white or green. 50mbps. 32GB card included. Professional broadcast quality video...

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2 months ago

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2 months
Hi I'm not sure of the year I think it was 2015 but need to check records.
2 months
hi how old is this camcorder
2 months
2 months
2 months
I haven't had a chance to price it. I will definitely find out this week. If you are interested just do the offer of 1euro thing to open private chat
2 months
How much would a new battery cost? and whats the best price you take for the camera
2 months
Yes on both. Lack of use. Going to get onto Canon on Monday and find out more.
2 months
Are internal batteries gone on both cameras?
3 months
Original Canon battery.
3 months
No sorry it's not new that was a mistake on listing I'll correct this. Thanks
3 months
Is it new? As advertised.Is it a canon battery?