Zastava 101 (Fiat 128) from 1975

I'm selling my beloved Zastava 101 (Fiat 128) from 1975. The very first model with round headlights and chromed bumpers which is rare find even in Ex Yugoslavia these days.
I'm giving it with tons of spare parts. Some of them are brand new\unused, some of them are used but in very good condition.

I drove it from Croatia to Dublin 4 years ago with 0 issues during the trip!
The engine is in great condition with 86 000KM. I used it almost like a daily car all these years in Dublin and have been all around Ireland (what you can see in the photos) . The body needs some work as the Irish rain is cruel :-). The bottom\undercarriage has no rust and it's very healthy.  You can find a lot of spare parts for the engine and body on the internet for a good price. Furthermore all parts from Fiat 128 can fit. The engine itself is well designed and simple. With a bit of enthusiasm and ''YouTube Engineering'' you can literally change\fix almost everything. 
It's registered on classic plates but exempt from NCT as the first registration was pre 1.1.1980. 
Insurance  (Open Policy) + Veta only 150 Eur per year and all year Road Tax 55Eur. 205 Eur in total. 

It is LHD but believe me it's not a problem at all, I was driving whole my life on the left side and then moved toIreland, after 2 weeks got used to the right side. Now last 4 years driving LHD on the right side and ''normal'' RHD car as well, on the right side....really not a problem.

I can write a Bible but will just say that I'm selling my baby with sadness in my heart ha.
This Yugoslavian Cult Car is 100% the only one on the island. 
Reason for selling: moving to the US. 

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