1986 Toyota HiAce Dormobile Camper Campervan Motorhome

1986 Toyota HiAce Dormobile Camper Campervan Motorhome 1986 Toyota HiAce Dormobile Camper Campervan Motorhome Vehicles

1986 Original Toyota HiAce DORMOBILE Camper Campervan Motorhome

The Interior
Original styled 80s Brown coloured cabin, you will notice going by the pictures how very well presented and lovely condition it is. With all the original features, seats and furniture, the interior is simple, clean and straightforward.

The original Toyota Dormobile conversion still retains its original pine effect woodwork and beech worktops, cooker, wardrobe, beds and cupboards with some very subtle but necessary changes such as the cushions. The sleeping arrangements are very flexible. In the roof area there is a massive double bed. The dinette table drops down to create a further double bed by rearranging the cushions.

Underneath the seats is plenty of locker space complimenting the ample cupboard and wardrobe space. There is a removable water tank with pump which gives you fresh water. The sink drains into a removable grey water tank.

There is a 240v hook-up (with lead) and 3 pin sockets inside, also a 12v socket should you need it which has a USB port. There is a small solar panel in the rear side window which trickle charges the leisure battery as well as offering a USB power source. There is a gas locker for the gas bottle to run the cooker which has been gas checked and certified. Everything in the camper works as it should.

The Exterior
This Classic Vehicle is in immaculate condition given its age, the original paint and remarkable rust free body is due to it being garaged when not in use. You will also note that the vehicle has an original period style registration number plate.

The Mechanics
The 2.0l petrol engine is barely run-in at the current mileage and has just been serviced. The engine emits no unwanted noises, it keeps perfect temperature, and the 5-speed gearbox (column change) is quite smooth.

The Appeal
This camper is for sale for the first time in Ireland. It has clearly been looked after very well and carries with it bags of character, and period features, all of which can still be used today, due to the camper being very well maintained over the years. It's unclear how many of these are actually left, however very few of this generation are left on Irish roads and even less in this immaculate condition, in fact this is more than likely a sole survivor in this condition.

This does seem a very rare opportunity to purchase a solid, charismatic, very useable, period campervan which is ready to go straight away.

A quick search will show you that there aren’t many of these around, even less for sale – and even less in this condition!

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2 months ago

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2 months
Please don’t use this ad for your arguement.
This is my ad so someone calling to me is brought to a showroom and will be met with courtesy. We will have a discussion and come to an agreed price, or not.
Thereafter there will be no argument.
2 months
Blocked and reported for multiple thread spoiling
2 months
At this stage I see your commenting on every ad and I feel sorry for you that you have the time to do that. Best of luck with sale
2 months
Your so aggressive and I can’t see why. I’m not lying and I advised you before where they are. If you look on Facebook market place there ranging in price from 350 at the cheapest to 1200 at the most expensive. I have no reason to lie it’s there for anyone to look up and because I was pointing that out you deleted my comment. And I’ll correct you because I have definitely both 20 item each one exceeding 1000 euro. I used the site differently, I make an offer we discuss in private message. I call I buy over and out. I done the very same thing to you months ago. I have your number and your details. Again I don’t understand your basis for doing all this as I merely just made a suggestion of lowering your price and you deleted my comment. I don’t know how anyone could keep making advert accounts because each one would require a new email and I certainly wouldn’t have the time for that. I wish the best of luck to the man that does buy your trailer because there’s no doubt he’ll buy a good one but he’s going to get stung.
2 months
That’s the way business works, always has and always will
2 months
@hiacecamper I am genuinely interested in your camper but since it is a lot of money I’m currently doing my research in the market here. I have booked an appointment to see a diesel one that’s closer to me early next week and I imagine it’s not going to be in half as good condition as your one but this is a free country and being a wise man with money it’s my entitlement to have a look around at what’s out there and make the best decision on what I spend my money in and who gets it. Saying this I have your info and I may or may not get back to get a viewing if this other one doesn’t work out
2 months
I’m sorry this guy is doing this on your page but the trailer in question is an ex British army trailer. They are all in used condition and all perfect and I did not say his trailer was anything else except perfect but If you consider Northern Ireland foreign that’s your choice but I don’t. I was in contact with you from the moment you advertised and advised that you were putting it up for 5x what they have sold before for. I once again replied on your ad as I have been watching it for months and made a suggestion to come down a little in the price. I made no attack on you or any ads you were commenting on and you are the one that is taking advantage of the sites perks and using it in your own destructive manner to belittle me. It’s not my fault your at a loss for you buying a trailer but there’s no lies in it you have it advertised and no one is purchasing. Why when someone makes a suggestion would you do something like this ? In the little time I’ve been on this site I’ve made 60 offers on machines and over 20 purchases. I have no positive feedback or no negative feedback but I’m sure the people who have my money are very happy.
2 months
@mrcoldheart Hi are you serious about viewing this vehicle. If so please call me again on O85 87IO23I
2 months
@Skilgannon thanks for your input
2 months
This man is sour because I have valid feedback on one of his ads. He is now attacking any ad I decide to look at. I’m only new on this site and haven’t had the pleasure to have feedback yet. I am in no way causing trouble I was simple stating a fact about one of his adverts
2 months
@Skilgannon interesting. He didn’t seem that way on the phone
2 months
@mrcoldheart: Cool I'll look forward to your visit
2 months
Excellent I’ll will give you a call later
2 months
@mrcoldheart yes absolutely you can give me a bell on o85 871o231
2 months
Can I view ?
2 months
No problem G.L.W.S.
2 months
@CASSIESHANE I’m sorry but this vehicle is worth every penny of the asking price. So I’m unable to consider offer that low.
2 months
€15,000 OFFERED
Upon inspection.