New Lg Led Kit 43uj670v 43uj651v 43uj701v 43uj675v 43uj6500 43uj6510 Lc430dgg-fk

New Lg Led Kit 43uj670v 43uj651v 43uj701v 43uj675v 43uj6500 43uj6510 Lc430dgg-fk New Lg Led Kit 43uj670v 43uj651v 43uj701v 43uj675v 43uj6500 43uj6510 Lc430dgg-fk TV
Brand new

With adhesive tape.

Strip numbers:

43" v17 art3 2867 rev0. 3 1 6916l-2867a / 6916l-2867b

Screen type(s):

Lc430dgg-fkm1 lc430dgg-fkm2 lc430dgg-fkm3 lc430dgg-fkm4 lc430dgg-fkm5 lc430dgg-fkm6 lc430dgg-fkm7

Compatible models:

43lg63cj-ca 43lg65cj-ca 43lj510v-td 43lj510v-zd 43lj510y-td 43lj5500 43lj5500-pa 43lj5500-sa 43lj5500-ua 43lj550m-ub 43lj550t 43lj550t-da 43lj550t-ta 43lj550v-ta 43lj550y-ta 43lj552v-ta 43lj553t-tc 43lj554t-ta 43lj5550-sc 43lj5550-uc 43lj594v 43lj594v-za 43lj595v-zd 43lj610v-ta 43lj610v-za 43lj610y-ta 43lj6140-pa 43lj614t-ta 43lj614v-za 43lj617t-tb 43lj617v-tb 43lj622v-zc 43lj624v-zc 43lj6400-na 43lj6420-na 43lj6800-na 43lv340c 43lv340c-cb 43lv340c-tb 43lv340c-td 43lv340c-ub 43lv340c-zb 43lv340h-gb 43lv340h-ua 43lv341h-za 43lv540h-sb 43lv541h-ta 43lv541h-za 43lv560h-ua 43lv570h-ua 43lv640s-db 43lv640s-sb 43lv640s-tb 43lv640s-ub 43lv640s-zb 43lv661h-za 43lv751h-ga 43lv761h-ta 43lv761h-za 43lv762v-zc 43lv765h-ta 43sj8000-ca 43sj8000-ja 43sj8000-sa 43sj800t-ta 43sj800v 43sj800v-ta 43sj800v-zb 43sj800y-ta 43sj8109-za 43sj810v-za 43sk7900pvb 43uj6100-jb 43uj6300-ca 43uj6300-sa 43uj6300-ua 43uj6307-za 43uj6309-za 43uj630a-jd 43uj630t 43uj630t-da 43uj630t-ta 43uj630v 43uj630v-ta 43uj630v-za 43uj630y-ta 43uj6320-pa 43uj632t-ta 43uj633t-tc 43uj634t-td 43uj634v-td 43uj634v-zd 43uj6350-uc 43uj635t-dc 43uj635v-zf 43uj639v-ze 43uj6500-cb 43uj6500-cd 43uj6500-jd 43uj6500-ub 43uj6510-sa 43uj6517-za 43uj6519-za 43uj651t-da 43uj651v 43uj651v-ta 43uj651v-za 43uj6520-pb 43uj6525-sf 43uj652t-tb 43uj654t-td 43uj654v-td 43uj655v-zc 43uj6560 43uj6560-sb 43uj6560-uf 43uj6565-sb 43uj656t 43uj6600-nd 43uj6620-na 43uj6680-na 43uj670v-td 43uj670v-zd 43uj670y-td 43uj675v-zc 43uj701v 43uj701v-zc

Postage in ireland €10.

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2 months ago

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Comments & Offers
2 months
Ok thank you
2 months
@nassim81 I am away until 19 of May
2 months
Can you send me pictures pls for led strip for this model LG 43LH604V thx
2 months
@nassim81 yes I have it, €55 postage included.
2 months
Hi Do you have the led strip for this model? LG 43LH604V ..thank u
11 months
No problem
11 months
@fireblade: Sorry,don't have it.
11 months
Hi, have you full set for Samsung ue49mu6120kxxu please?