Technics under platter and/or pitch halo/UFO lights

Technics under platter and/or pitch halo/UFO lights Technics under platter and/or pitch halo/UFO lights Turntables
Brand new

Under platter and pitch blue led lighting for your Technics turntables.

X1 kit included

Will fit all legacy models

The light is subtle and not overpowering

These are not like the old kits which required the pcb cover to be left off so that the light would shine out, they were unsafe as they had a potential shock hazard, these have custom high quality injection moulded transparent covers so are completely safe.

The kit is easy to fit and also does not require soldering, care must be taken though to unplug the unit during fitment for safety reasons

The kit can be provided with or without the pitch lighting, if you choose without then you only need take off the platter and original pcb cover.

I will provide support to assist you in installation or can fit the kit for you for no extra charge if you drop into the workshop.

Postage €10 standard or €12 tracked

Thank you

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6 months ago

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Comments & Offers
1 day
@Lukkane absolutely yes, you can message me direct here in my service ad
1 day
Hi, if I was to bring you a pair to install a set of your lights would you also be able to fit new power and audio cables on them?
2 months
@garyablett the under-platter light is relatively easy, you just need a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat head screwdriver, if you were to go for the under-platter option and the under pitch led it is a bit more to it as it involves taking the whole unit apart and removing the pitch, it is not super difficult either though but does require some skill.

I can fit here at my workshop at no additional cost while you wait but it would of course mean you would need to travel here and back

You can message my service ad if you want more info 👍
2 months
How hard are they to fit
3 months
Still available:
3 months
3 months
@Dizzer73 yes no problem 👍
3 months
If I buy 2 will you fit them
5 months
Still available:
6 months
@musov78 I do yes, thank you
6 months
Woah.. u make these urself? Good on ya! Glws ;)
6 months
@musov78 No problem, right now I have four covers and enough electronics to finish two of those, I have more parts ordered to finish the other two and will be looking to source more covers from my guy in Italy moving forward, hopefully!😉
6 months
@gumzy I would loose money on them if I did them for that price but thanks for looking 👍
6 months
I fully understand :) and the price is indeed quite suitable just out of my budget. I’ll get back to ya if I ever get cash. How many u have available? I might need 4?
6 months
@musov78 you are more than welcome, I wish I could sell these for less to be honest but the parts to make them are very expensive, especially the transparent covers, I didn’t want to cheap out on poor quality Chinese electronic consumables or compromise on safety either.
Thanks for checking them out though👍
6 months
Would also love as have all blue led done to my mk3d's but expensive.100 for 2 would be bearable
6 months
I’d love to buy it if it was for 2 but €200 is abit too expensive for me atm. Thanks anyways :)
6 months
@musov78 the kit does one turntable
6 months
Does it come with one or 2?