4 Duinrell tickets for sale
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Use before July 26
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I have 4 Duinrell tickets for park and swimming pool. Face value is 120 Euro. They must be used before July 26. I can email the tickets as they can be put on the phone.

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Celbridge, Kildare
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6 months ago

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6 months
You're some dope I'm trying to help you selling the tickets by giving you a Dutch version of adverts where you could get your money
But you didn't get that,well I jog on so
6 months
@appie they’re are 30 Euro each on their website and nobody is forcing you to buy them so jog on and mind your own business if you don’t want them I wasn’t making any profit just thought someone might use them
6 months
I'm from Holland I would have taken them but its too short notice
Flights for next week are to expensive
There is a Dutch site called marktplaats.nl that's the only way you could sell them
Btw in Holland those tickets are maximum 20 euro each
And there is quite a few for sale
6 months
@appie don’t know they’re Groupon tickets you’d have to ask them
6 months
Any chance they can extend the date
6 months
@Kenh26 holland
6 months
Where is it