Volvo P 1800 - Corgi Juniors Vintage Matchbox Hotwheels

Volvo P 1800 - Corgi Juniors Vintage Matchbox Hotwheels Volvo P 1800 - Corgi Juniors Vintage Matchbox Hotwheels Toy Cars, Trains, Boats & Planes

No. 62.

Volvo P1800 (1961-1973).

Escala 1/64 aprox.

Corgi Juniors Whizzwheels.

Made in Great Britain.

Produced from 1971 to 1972.

"Red/Black color, Chrome whizzwheels, Blue interior."
The Volvo P1800 was one of the earlynew releases in the Corgi Juniors range, which initially relied mainly on former Husky Castings. There only appear to have been two colour schemes released, albeit with variations, a red car with or without a black bonnet and a white car with The Saint logo on the bonnet.

"Historically, small-scale diecast manufacturers have not been kind to either of Sweden's two auto producers. Rather, they have largely ignored Volvo and almost completely forgotten SAAB."

"Of course, there always has to be an exception the rule and one particular Swedish car can be said to have truly caught the attention of diecast manufacturers worldwide: Volvo's stylish P1800 sports coupe.

In 1:64 scale, the English company of Lone Star produced a most impressive model of the P1800 as part of its Impy range which featured opening doors, trunk lid and hood.

In Wales, Corgi made a featureless P1800 casting with "Whizzwheels" that was a member of the Juniors range in addition to a "Rockets" version that was modeled after Simon Templar's chosen transport in "The Saint" television series. While these three miniatures may not seem like many, a collector should remember that P1800 models are abundant in 1:43 and that a myriad were produced in a variety of other scales."

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