Scalextric Digital 8x4 Pro Gt Set, with 4 Brand New Cars and an advanced powerbase with LCD Tower

Scalextric Digital 8x4 Pro Gt Set, with 4 Brand New Cars and an advanced powerbase with LCD Tower Scalextric Digital 8x4 Pro Gt Set, with 4 Brand New Cars and an advanced powerbase with LCD Tower Toy Cars, Trains, Boats & Planes

Scalextric DIGITAL 8x4 PRO GT: 4 Car Racing Set.
Fits on a 8x4 board with four brand new cars included. Price also includes 🇮🇪 Delivery Anywhere In Ireland 🇮🇪

This set includes four brand new beautiful High Detailed GT3 Cars with Lights + Brakes. Race the BMW Z4 vs Mercedes AMG vs McLaren F1 GTR vs Volkswagen CC.
Includes the advanced 6 car powerbase kit, with the latest firmware update, one of the best powerbases on the market. This powerbase can race up to 6 cars at the same time. Or if your on your own you can allow the powerbase to control the other five cars. Its has a LCD Lap Tower showing real time race stats, race start countdown, and more.
Lane changing, late braking, overtaking, 4 car racing with borders and other accessories. This is one of the best sets Scalextric can offer.

To keep the price down the parts of this ultimate set, it is created from used scalextric track pieces and border pieces. It also includes a used advanced 6 car powerbase, one of the best powerbases on the market with its most up to date firmware.

All in excellent condition and the set works perfectly. Everything you need to start enjoying four car racing immediately. Is exactly as seen in the pictures. Buy with confidence from a Scalextric Specialist, as my feedback can verify.

About this 6 car powerbase kit that is included in this set. To this day with its evolution it is known as the best digital powerbase available on the market. This Digital System gives you multi-car racing with lane changing functionality. This set takes racing to the another level with multi car racing with the four included cars racing on the provided 2-lane track. The powerbase included is one of the best powerbases around. It comes with an LCD Tower to show up to the second race statistics, race resutls and importantly allows you to change settings. You can even reduce top speed of cars to suit the drivers age, or programme other cars for the AI to control, you can be alone and race cars conrolled by the powerbase. And much much more.Here is a link so you can find out more if you wish.

some of the powerbase features
- Each digital controller has a trigger and two buttons. By a touch of a button you can change lanes as you drive over the lane change section & by a touch of a button the second button on the controller you can late brake, another great move to overtake an opponent.
- It also offers a LCD Display Lap Tower that allows you to watch your lap times and other relevant race information on the screen in real time. It also gives post race statistics and more.
- If you have kids or beginners at racing, a useful feature is the adjustable power settings so you can slow cars/drivers down to help them complete laps.
- With this powerbase you can race against cars which are controlled by the powerbase. So for example if there are only two drivers, you still have a race involving four cars.
- This Powerbase delivers 15v for faster car performance.
If you wish to know more information about this scalextric Advanced powerbase or learn more of its unique features, please click the link below.

Other set features
- Complete the track as seen, or there are multiply different layouts possible.
- 4x BRAND NEW Beautiful high detailed GT Cars, BMW Z4, Mercedes AMG, McLaren F1 GTR and the Volkswagen CC. More pictures of the cars available upon request.
- 4x Digital controllers
- Comes with several types of borders/barriers that allow cars to drift around the curves and to help drivers stay in the race!
- Track supports and Armco barriers are included as seen. These help prevent cars from flying off the bridge sections and also help you go faster around curves, but not too too fast!!
- Track layout also features Side-Swipes and a straight lane changer.
- Many other track layouts are possible. There is so much track, track borders and track bridge supports you can let your creative layouts skills go wild!
- Approx Track length 10.43 meters
- Space required for layout seen. (8x4 feet) 2.4 meters by 1.2 meters.

Price includes 🇮🇪 Delivery Anywhere In Ireland 🇮🇪
Collection is possible in Carlow.

Note: if the cars are not to your liking, we can change them for you.
Any questions, please do ask.
If you wish a scalextric set custom designed for you with features you wish please contact us.

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