Underlay Foam Insulation 5mm Thick Aluminium Coating

Underlay Foam Insulation 5mm Thick Aluminium Coating Underlay Foam Insulation 5mm Thick Aluminium Coating Tiles & Flooring
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Foam Insulation Underlay 5mm Thick Aluminium Coating 1 meter wide

Price is for 1 meter length , change the quantity to the length you require. So if you want 4 meters change the quantity to 4 you will then receive 1x 4 meters long underlay .If You want 7meters change the quantity to 7 You will then receive 7 meters long E.T.C

This insulation is made from EXPEL PETM.Rolls are made from closed cell cross linked polyolefin foam with excellent properties in terms of condensation control, long term thermal block and sound absorption.Can be uses under laminate, carpet,wooden floor perfect underlay material

This thermal insulation has been specially designed to provide high thermal barrier on floors,walls roofs, garage door and camper vans .
Can be used under laminate, carpet or wooden floor, perfect underlay material.
Very easy to install requiring only scissors and staple gun or self adhesive tape
Self levelling and Waterproof
Reflectance of heat radiation 90%
Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic
Vapour retarder
Moisture resistant, Tear proof
Fungus, mould and bacteria resistant
Reflective insulation distributes heat into your room and prevents losses into the floor. This insulation reduce your heating bill.

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1 month
@GerryKav: ye but on another numer , send your number I will let you what time I be there ,anyway around 1 .p.m
1 month
Di you take Revolut payment?
1 month
1 month
@GerryKav: yes after 1.p.m call me first 0 8 7 9 4 9 9 8 0 8
1 month
Hi. Can I collect tomorrow?
1 month
@GerryKav: 305 delivered
1 month
That’s delivered?
1 month
@GerryKav: hi all in stock price is 300 euro
1 month
Hi. I have 45 sq m if floor to be covered. How much and do you have the insulation please?
1 month
Looking to cover nissan primastar long wheel base out on back what price please
2 months
Thank you very much. Will have a look at your products and get in touch Monday.
2 months
@GSummer: this foam 5mm thick is really great we use this with out far infrared underfloor system .very good insulation with aluminium and vapour barrier just log on www . termofol .ie if you want read more info but no doubt this insulation do the job
2 months
Does this underlay help improve insulation on the floor? Heard mixed feedback from stores regarding wether or not underlay helps to insulate.
2 months
@GSummer: hi 555 euro
2 months
Would need for 85sq meters of flooring. What’s the price?
2 months
Ok thanks
2 months
@GerryKav: 293euro
2 months
45 meters of it, what’s the best price please?
2 months
@GerryKav: yes it is
2 months
Still available?