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THE ULTIMATE by Muscle Rage is the ultimate SARM stack for Ultimate Mass, Ultimate Strength and Ultimate Fat Loss

60 Capsules - 2 capsules per day

Per capsule serving:
MK-677 - 10mg
LGD-4033 - 4.5mg

The Ultimate by Muscle Rage is the greatest SARM stack available on the market right now. It combines MK-47 (MK-677) a potent orally active growth hormone secretagogue to increase IGF-1 and GH alongside the almighty LGD XTREME (LGD-4033) for explosive mass and strength gains.

We often found that people looking for huge results fast would want the benefits of both LGD and MK. So we thought why not make it cheaper and more convenient for the customer by providing them together in one capsule. The Ultimate will help take your workouts and results to unseen places. It wont take long before you and everyone else notices how rapid your results are.

The maximum time this product can be used for is 4-8 weeks at a time and should be followed by a PCT due to the LGD being slightly suppressive. The Ultimate is the product you have been looking for since the huge PH ban that took away pro-hormone stacks. Again like with the SARMS individually, the side effects are much less than using Pro-Hormones meaning you can enjoy your results.

The Ultimate can deliver;

Increased IGF-1 and GH serum levels
Large Increases in strength
Greatly increased lean muscle mass
Increased Fat Oxidation (helping you get leaner)

The Ultimate is the perfect 1-2 combo to take your results to new levels.


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3 weeks
@.agic No, sorry :( this is our best selling muscle builder
3 weeks
Hi there
Do you have Rad-140 in stock
3 weeks
@esants: To arrange collection, please email sarms
3 weeks
Can I collect in store?
3 weeks
@Mark21000: We have A LOT of repeat customers. And yes, a PCT is recommended as it contains LGD
3 weeks
hi man, any feed back on this product from ex users? does it need therapy afterwards?
4 weeks
@Mark21000 No, sorry :( this is our best selling muscle builder
4 weeks
have you got RAD 140 ?
1 month
@robbietemple: To arrange collection, please email sarms
1 month
Can I collect this?
1 month
@Bryan corbally: Yes, free delivery is included :)
1 month
@s15richie: Of course. You can either buy both product individually here on Adverts, or you can shop via our website:
1 month
Deliver to Laois?
1 month
Can i get 1 bottle plus pct ?
1 month
@s15richie due Tuesday
1 month
Any pct in yet ?
1 month
@Jo.nan: Dianabol is a steroid, we do not sell steroids, we sell SARMs. Read more about SARMs here:
1 month
Hi is this similar to Dianabol, or do you sell Dianabol
1 month
@s15richie: We have a few 'The Ultimate' left in stock. More stock including PCT due early next week
1 month
Any more in stock and do you sell pct also ?