MuscleRage Carda-Rage (Sarms)
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Per capsule:
10mg Cardarine
10mg Ostarine
2 capsules per day

Carda Rage is the product that has it all; fat loss, strength, mass and endurance. It is the combination of the wildly popular Osta Rage (Ostarine) and the equally brilliant Cardarine.
Carda-Rage will get you results, its just a question of how far it will take you.

From Ostarine you can expect 5-7lbs of muscle, large strength increases and some fat loss. From Cardarine you can expect large increases in endurance and good levels of fat loss.

Both men and women can take Carda-Rage and both should expect phenomenal results during the 6-week cycle that the bottle provides.

If you were looking for the next big thing. You found it.

Consume 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before training. On rest days take 2 capsules at the same time each day.


* Free Tracked Delivery with DPD Couriers throughout Ireland

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2 months ago

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1 month
@Kevin007: Nope. You can take one bottle (6 weeks) followed by a 4 week break
1 month
does this product require a pct?
2 months
Thank you.
2 months
@Bradley45: I'm very sorry about this. It turns out that all of our recent 'contact us' queries have been going to an old email address that we cannot access. This problem has now been fixed, so please feel free to contact us once more and I will be sure that you are responded to ASAP. Sorry about this
2 months
I went on to sarms Ireland and sent one through the site
2 months
@Bradley45: What email address have you used?
2 months
How do you get hold of anyone. Tried emailing twice and no response.
2 months
@romanrumun: Hi, unfortunately we do not stock any RAD 140 products. Here's our range of muscle-builders:
2 months
Looking to get 8 weeks cycle of rad 140 plus pct. can you help?
2 months
Ok thanks
2 months
@nemo23 due Monday/Tuesday
2 months
Any quad left
3 months
3 months
@Bradley45: It shouldn't, but results may vary from person to person
3 months
Just bought this product. Was wondering does this elevate the heart rate. Thanks
3 months
@aidolacy: Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 3pm. PCT is not required after Carda-Rage
3 months
How long is delivery take, and is pct necessary
3 months
@pauloshea85: Due by the end of next week
3 months
When are you getting the quad back in ?
4 months
@keithsav collection is possible by arrangement between 1-4pm mon-fri. We are 10 mins from Blanch. Free delivery is included