Henley Apollo 5kw insert stove+ fireplace +hearth

The wife watches them home improvement programmes on the telly. So about a year ago she got a notion to get a stove in . Grand says I..turned out to be over €2 grand in the end . I did all the research and we bought this Henley insert one . Perfect it was. Fits perfectly in the cast iron surround . I had to get the circular steel backing plate made to suit. That will see us out says I....Little did I know she was watching them programmes again....omgπŸ˜–

Throws out mighty heat ..cant complain...coal wood turf

Perfect it was πŸ˜ͺ

So she gets another notion a few weeks ago ...if I get me hands on yer man Bannon ...him off the RTE programme....so now we have knocked into an adjoining bigger room and have completely changed the room so the great stove ..the cast iron surround ...the hearth ..the whole thing..genuine bargain has to go asap if this is what your looking for tis mighty value . Do the sums yourself ...
If I get me hands on yer man BannonπŸ˜ͺ..ah he's great says she ...

Located in Sutton Nth Dublin. Give me a shout anytime on

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Sutton, Dublin
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2 months ago

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6 months
Thanks for the reply if you change let me know
6 months
@william/mummy not keen to be honest..as the surround has been trimmed to fit the stove .
6 months
Hi would you sell stove separately ?
7 months
@Alan McN yes still for sale alan .
7 months
Hi is this still for sale
7 months
Thanks πŸ™
7 months
That's the widest measurement at the mantelpiece..its.narrower lower down.
7 months
https://henleystoves.com/product/apollo-5kw/ here's the specs for the stove .
The cast iron fire place is 106cm high and 120cm approx wide
7 months
Do you have measurements?
7 months
@lorricolm sound job . Let me know . Keen to sell the stove hearth and surround as one lot .tbh.
7 months
πŸ˜…πŸ˜… lovely fireplace. I will measure mine & see if this is a possibility for my little project although I live in Galway