Premier league darts 2 tickets with room in the Gibson b&b
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3 arena
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Block a seats Accomadtion in the Gibson hotel bed and breakfast both venues fully booked out

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Drumconrath, Meath
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1 month ago

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1 month
Is this still available for sale?
1 month
Is this available?
1 month
Is this still available?
1 month
What row are they
1 month
@Beechbox. I am trying to sell as a package but if not I’ll sell to highest bidder thanks
1 month
@Beechbox sorry do u what just the tickets
1 month
@Jpoz better than none tho as sold out 😂👍
1 month
Ok tks not the best of tickets anyway...
1 month
@Jpoz as per add block a
1 month
I understand, can u tell me r they good tickets / what area they r in?
1 month
@Jpoz ideally I would like to sell as a package as room no good to me As I said the other guy. If I don’t sell I might go or if I get enough for the ticket go loss of the room
1 month
Would u consider selling the tickets only?
1 month
Like the guy below i am only interested in the tickets as have accommodation sorted...
1 month
@Jpoz all still for sale
1 month
Hi was just wondering do u still have those darts tickets for sale?
1 month
@charlieb: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
1 month
@charlieb highest offer gets them
1 month
For pm
1 month
I really don't know. Give me an idea on a pm
1 month
@charlieb what is your offer