Ireland rugby world cup tickets
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22/09/2019, 1am
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X2 full Ireland group stage packs - (Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa) category D tickets

Packs must be sold as one. Will sell packs individually.
Price negotiable

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Rathmines, Dublin
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3 months ago

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2 months
No problem tganks for reply
2 months
@Drogjp: No, not yet. I am looking for individual Japan tickets as a swap.
2 months
Are these tickets sold?
2 months
@seanmoore.yes: €650 OFFER ACCEPTED
2 months
For one packet
2 months
I would happily take the 2 Japan ones if they are separate, thanks
2 months
@chriscarey96: hi Chris - would you do a deal for 1400? You'd then have two Scotland and two Samoa tickets as well to sell on if you wish
2 months
@kee31: Hi, sorry but as I said before the the packs come as one single ticket. They cannot be split it. So they have to be bought together. Alternatively, you could buy the whole pack and sell the Scotland and Russia tickets to the other guys who are wanting to buy
2 months
As per my earlier message I am looking for Ireland v Japan if you are happy to split. Looks like there are 2 others interested in 2 other sets if you’d consider splitting- thanks
2 months
I would be willing to buy the japan and russia ones if you were selling seperatly
2 months
Would you be willing to sell the Scotland tickets separately?
3 months
@chriscarey96: Hi Chris, sorry but I can't accept such a low offer. If you are willing to submit a higher offer I will accept and we can negotiate through WhatsApp
3 months
€1,000 OFFERED
3 months
Unfortunately they come as one ticket and can't be split up.
3 months
Hi. Am looking for tickets for the Ireland v Japan game; I understand why you want to sell as one lot but if you decide to split them up would appreciate you keeping me in mind - thanks