Pearl Free-floating Snare Drum (8" Maple)

PRICE: €230.

Pearl Free-floating Snare Drum. 14" (diameter) x 8" (overall depth) . Maple shell, 6-ply, bought new from off interweb way back in 2002! Die-cast Pearl hoops both top and bottom.
Parallel adjustable snare mechanism, with oversized snare wires.
A premium level snare drum.
The free-floating system is definitely one for the OCD drum nuts and purists. As there aren't any obstructions (hardware screws/nuts etc) within the shell interior, the idea is that your note travels unhindered on its journey from the batter head, on through the drum shell. If drums could 'sing', they would be called 'free-floaters'!
The maple shell gives a crisp strike, with warm clarity and pleasant articulation even at higher volume levels. The shell's 8" depth gives warmth and body to the note of the attack. Cranked high, this drum is a very versatile snare for all types of music. Tuned low, this drum is a joy for the drummer wanting a distinctive ploddy, woody snare sound in any band setting.
Alternatively, this maple shell can be replaced as desired, by any drum shell of your choosing (brass/bronze/steel/copper/custom etc), as long as it fits the free-floating snare chassis properly.

This is not one of the newer generations of free-floater Pearl snare drums, and it's quite possibly the oldest of its type. I have owned this drum since the early 1990's, when it's design at that time was of the "original free-floater type".
The snare mechanism works great and is adjustable from both sides.
There is plenty of life left in this drum, but it shows signs of age-related stress. The chrome could be better, and there are lots of dings and scratches from normal gig use. The worst bits of chrome are around both sides of the snare mechanism. Please see my pictures of this. This could very probably be restored to much better cosmetic condition, with a little elbow grease, and time taking it apart to get scrubbing all those bits.
It is fitted with a part-worn Remo Coated Emperor batter head.

I have really enjoyed playing this drum on many live gigs, but I really haven't used it much in the past ten years. It's last outing was in 2016 when for most of that year I revisited the beauty of this drum and gigged it heavily. I own five free-floating snare drums, and the time has come to sell this one, as well as some others that deserve to be beaten soundly by someone else!

I am open to swaps, trades and part-exchange, so please let me know what you have.

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@mandieminxy: OK, no problem.
4 months
Sorry need to cancel offer as thought it was authentic Pearl. Please cancel my offer.
4 months
@kranog: Not a Pearl Shell, no badge. I bought the shell online back in 2002. Its a six ply maple shell, similar to a Pearl produced one, that's all I know.
4 months
Is this a Pearl shell? Can you post a photo of the badge?
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