Arbiter AT Maple Snare Drum

Price: €120.

13"x5" Arbiter Snare Drum. Gloss Maple finish. Arbiter drums feature a revolutionary tuning system, which involves ONE tension rod tightening or loosening the tension on the drum head. This drum was part of Arbiter's then top-of-the range "AT" range, which were all-Maple shells with the Arbiter tuning system for both the batter and resonant drum heads.
From a purist point of view, there are literally no drill holes in Arbiter AT drum shells. The idea being that the shell has a full potential to resonate without the hinderance of lots of drilled holes for lugbox hardware choking up the wooden shell. There's a single air vent in this shell, but no other holes or hardware screws intruding anywhere.
There's a semi-worn Remo coated Emperor head on the batter side and a Remo clear head on the Snare side.
The snare wires are the same ones that were on it when I first bought the drum.

This drum has some age-related rust spots on the chrome, which I will spend time eliminating as much as possible before sale.
The snare mechanism is pretty flimsy, but is the genuine one that came with these snares.
This snare is about twenty years old, and I've owned it for over ten of those years.

I've decided to sell off all of my quite extensive collection of Arbiter drums as I'm not really using them, and haven't really used them that much, so it's time for someone else to enjoy them. I was initially attracted and fascinated by Arbiter's tuning system.
I've used this snare drum for very light use-I've literally just tipped it playing on musical theatre gigs. For me it's not really a drum I could use on anything else that I'm doing at the moment. It's probably going to sound good in some funky band setting, or somewhere that involves a snappy sounding snare rather than on a rock band gig.

I'm open to swaps, trades or part-exchange so let me know what you have.

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