Gaggia Classic & Gaggia Grinder (both Italian made models)

Bought in 2005 original Italian made model which has worked perfect up to last 4 years. Has been boxed up as we moved house and we bought the dreaded Nespreso :) out of sheer convenience and with kids we don’t have the time to enjoy this great machine. As I mentioned before I boxed it up we descaled it and after testing today I cannot get the water through the main gasket (pump and steamer is working well so I believe on searching the web its as simple as scaling blocking the gasket as we have left it sit too long) to be honest I don’t have time to fix, unscrew etc and am willing to part for someone else to bring it back to life which I believe is simple. Price reflects the Italian model and includes the grinder. All / any parts needed are easily available and the coffee enthusiast will agree with me that this is a really great and timeless looking machine :)

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Bansha, Tipperary
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4 months ago

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3 months
@Mdolla: €200 OFFER ACCEPTED
Thanks a lot
4 months
4 months
@Mdolla Hi there, Apologies on delay, yes still available, thanks
4 months
Still available?
4 months
No problem. I think then risk is too high for me personally but I’ll keep watching this add incase anything changes. Best of luck with sale! :)
4 months
@macdaibhi Hi Mike, no problem at all. Sorry only getting back now. Still I think it’s a steal at €200 even without the grinder, that’s how high I rate this machine. I really look after my stuff, it’s in great condition bar the water not flowing from the centre shower plate or the group gasket (even to replace these your looking at max €30 to €50). Think we paid just over €600 for them both. Even if the pump goes that’s only around €20 and all parts are readily available it’s just time and effort. I still believe opening up this machine and giving it a good clean and a further scaling it may waken up!! So sorry after all this I will hold out for the full asking still, appreciate the enquiry though.
4 months
Sorry only seeing the no offers below asking price message now. You can disregard
4 months
Hi there, I’m really interested but only in the machine - not the grinder if you would consider selling separately? Im a bit concerned by the condition and while I’m comfortable repairing items like this I think I would be more comfortable at €100 given the risk. I hope you can consider, but understand it may be too low for you. All the best, Mike :)