Heavy metal t shirts

Heavy metal t shirts Heavy metal t shirts Short Sleeve

€10 each
Chapel of Disease baseball (M) SOLD
Coscradh (M - very small fit)
Bad Religion - Boots (M) SOLD
Ava Inferi (M)
Chapel of Disease - Mysterious Ways (M)
Opeth - Throat of Winter (S)
O Merch (Opeth) (M) SOLD
Coldwar - Pantheist (M)
Entombed (M) SOLD
Wounded Kings (M)
Metallica (S) SOLD
Mastodon - Rasputin (L)
Metallica - James (M well worn) SOLD
Mastodon - Hunter (S)
Coldwar - Christus Deathshead (M)
Morbid Angel - Formulas (M) SOLD
Opeth - Piper (M) SOLD
Iron Monkey (M soft style, small fit)
Sahg (M)
The Burning (M)
Windhand (M)
Procession (M)
Electric Wizard (M)
Cathedral (M soft style, v small fit)
Mastodon - Green (S large fit, more like M)
Rotting Christ (M)
Metallica - gold (M) SOLD
Spearhead (M)
Opeth - green (S small stain on back)
Zealot Cult (M)
Morne (S)
Sleep (S)

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5 months ago

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1 month
1 month
1 month
@N.Law hi, they're still available. Really sorry though, no. 11 is actually a size S (close to a medium but size says S). Have edited add now, apologies.
1 month
Is 11 and 28 still available
2 months
@markivor hi, do you still want the Metallica shirt? Can post tomorrow
2 months
HI, METALLICA picture 28 the skull
2 months
@markivor hi, what are you interested in?
2 months
@markivor I sure can. What are you interested in?
2 months
Hi, can you post on Monday as I want a t-shirt for a xmas present.
4 months
@agacior30 pm'd you there
4 months
4 months
Hi did you see my private message?
4 months
4 months
@DaveOmahony hi, yes MA shirt still available
4 months
Morbid Angel still going?
4 months
4 months
@agacior30 hi, yes still available
4 months
Hi is Entombed still available ?
4 months
@nutshell84 hi, shirts are €10 each and shipping with An Post is €6 for up to 1kg so up to 5 shirts approx.
4 months
Howsigoin, Mastodon - Hunter & Rotting Christ, how much plus delivery (I am way too far away from you to collect)? Thanks