Netgear ReadyNas NV+ RND4450
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For sale is a secondhand NAS server Netgear ReadyNas NV+ RND4450.

My item reference:: ReadyNAS6

In great working order.

Currently have 1 x 300GB harddrives installed.

Setup and configured as a expandable X-Raid server. Can hence easily be expanded up to a max of 4 x 2TB harddrives which then will give you a total redundant X-Raid storage of 6TB.

Hot swappable disks.

Pickup from D6W only as I will not post this.

No offers under the asking price

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Terenure, Dublin
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1 month ago

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1 month
@Johnny_191: €100 OFFER ACCEPTED
will pm my address
1 month
1 month
@Johnny_191 yes sure, but that means you would have to reset and reconfigure the unit from scratch. Today you can just start inserting and replacing drives up to a max of 4 x 2TB. (as long as you wait for resync to finish between each hw change). If you are happy to go from scratch, then I am fine with it. Just place the offer for 100 with that condition and I will accept.
1 month
Thanks for checking. If you took the hard drive out would you accept €90?
1 month
@Johnny_191: Hi again, out of curiosity I had a look and found on page 41 of the SW manual the following statement:

"Used by Linux and Unix computers. Your ReadyNAS system supports NFS v3 over UDP and TCP."

For more about this unit see:
1 month
Ok. Thanks for quick reply.
1 month
@Johnny_191 I have no idea wrt NFS version on this. You would have to Google that.

I will however not sell below asking price of Euro 100
1 month
Do you know if that firmware supports NFS v3? if it does, would you accept an offer of E80? a friend of mine could collect (hes in Rathmines) Thanks