Entire Gamsat Material for Sale

Grad med Physics x2
Grad med Biology
Grad med Chemistry.

DON -Biology, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry & Physics.

MCAT biology, Organic Chemistry, Org. Chemistry,
MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning book - all excellent condition.

Griffiths Gamsat Review.
Acer Booklets x3
Pink Acer practice Book S3.

AC Graylings x2 Books

Medired 1&2.

Animal Physiology - Schmitt & Nealson.

More in School & College Books
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Castletroy, Limerick
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6 months ago

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4 months
Hi guys,

Entire material all gone to candidate who sat in 23/03.
4 months
4 months
5 months
Hi there,

I sent you an email, if the material is still available?
6 months
@ciaranryan7: €18 OFFER ACCEPTED
6 months
Hi, Im in Limerick so can collect, cheers, Ciaran.
6 months
@Laoise McGrath;

This site won't allow me to give me phone number or email. I am on Facebook book;
If you want to arrange delivery.

Sarah Hayes if you can find me in
6 months
@Laoise McGrath:

Hi Laoise,

Can you email me on
[email protected] mail.ul.ie

With your details and more info.
6 months
I will pay for postage if you could post it to me? Based in Waterford
6 months
Hi Sarah

Thanks for getting back so quickly! Where can I forward my email cause it won't let me comment that on this section.

6 months
@Paulyn Micah Antolin:

Hi Paulyn,

Can you give me your email and I will give you more Details,

6 months
Hi, I'd be really to purchase the entire set and am willing to pay extra for shipping to Dublin if that were possible. Please contact me with further details on my email.
6 months
Get ready for Gamsat 2019.
6 months

I am unable to post the entire study set.
It is only convenient to drop all off or arrange to get collected.
6 months

Hi Jonah,

I have 2 others interested in my matrial.
Can I assume correctly that you are not interested in purchasing due to your absence of a reply message.

7 months

I am living in Co. Limerick and travel to UL every day.
I can drop off the entire collection at the weekend if you want.
I normally spend all day Saturday studying - so It would not be until Sunday afternoon or evening.
Am really busy with a Myocardial infraction case at the moment and so need to drop off would need to
be Sunday.

PM me if you want any more details etc.
7 months
I’m in Tipperary
7 months

Hi there,

Where are you based?. Depending on where you were, I could drive with the lot if you were interested.

These also include Des notes -lots as well as 10x Ozimed tests, Des MCQ S3 tests also.

Let me know if you are interested as there is another guy from cork interested in my entire set.

7 months

All Ozimed bought new from Australia.
Grad med books were mine from coursa I completed in Dublin.

I have acer books a few years - i had a famill b4 I decided to do gamsat.

Bought 101 VR new. Pink Acer -is new. Bought off ACER & printed myself last yr.

Have lots of DES notes & full S3 MCQ exam.

Bought animal Physiology new, graylings books new etc.

I have another person interested. He wants to know if I can post them to Cork.

The best price will get all.
I have a separate price for each item.

Let me know if you are interested ASAP.
7 months
Could you post this?