Samsung dual sim Sm-J120H degoogled

Samsung dual sim Sm-J120H degoogled Samsung dual sim Sm-J120H degoogled Samsung

Nice to have as a phone not as a tracking and monitoring device on a slave's or criminal's leg.

Sale or if you don't want to pay cash - swap for 1 oz silver coins or anything silver / gold like jewellery, coins etc

Selling degoogled phones on facebook quick enough, people travel from other cities to get them and all of them newer returned to google play services controlled phone since

Beautiful little phone with two sim card slots
All google tracking spying and bloatware removed
Youtubein pictures is loaded on browser, not app, but you can always install alternative app from alternative store if you want.

You can use your sim data plan as you can see in pictures but wifi on this software is disabled (not phone issue, just software) This is no problem since everyone have sim internet today and if you are looking for de-googled phone and looking to quit internet and google addiction. Believe me, I did it few years ago and now i don't need internet or any apps on my phone at all. Im happy to make pictures, videos, transfer some music from my computer to the phone sd card and i know i'm safe as nobody will get them from there and I am free person since, have 90% more free time than anybody else. I can go for a walk and play with my kid when others sitting on the bench and staring to the screen.
You can still install any app you want if you decide to use it as ordinary google crap again instead

If buyer wants I can install back its original operating system ( after payment)

Apple and Google both track an unnerving amount of your data, mapping out intimate details of your life is intrinsic to their business model. Standard phones will send your data to their servers several times per hour.

They can articulate your history and even your every movement with far greater accuracy than you yourself. If you use their systems (like Google Photos or iCloud) to back up your photos and videos they can take a peek anytime they want. Is that information something you really want them to have?

I don’t see any reason why they should, and I can see a lot of situations where this could go wrong. That’s why I use a version of Android on my phone that does not have any Google services connected to it. My phone doesn’t send their servers a single thing unless I decide to. I’ve taken that power away from them and placed it into my own hands.

Sound interesting?
phone will not automatically or routinely send usage data to Google
Everywhere you’ve gone with an Apple or Google Android device in on your person: they’ve got a log of that.
Every word you’ve uttered into talk to text, or digital helpers like Siri and Google Assistant, is now stored on the respective company’s servers. I’m sure volumes of my voice/ audio data exists in Apple’s databases, but that flow of information ended when I switched to a de-googled phone.

How often do smartphones “phone home” per hour? (as of 2018)

Android: 40.2 instances when idle, 90.3 instances while active
iPhone: 4.2 instances when idle, 17.9 instances while active

Sure, Apple gathers information about you less often, but they’re still gathering info about you even while the phone is not in use. It might be the case that they’re simply packaging that information more efficiently.

Even if you’ve opted out to location tracking and other data collection, this has no effect, they’re still tracking you.

They don’t want you to know exactly how they’re tracking you. Therefore all that code is proprietary and hidden from the light of day. However, Android itself is open source and you can inspect it for yourself or know that professional geeks have done so in their own interest.

De-googled phone operating systems take the open-source code from Android and build from there. This means they can publish and package the code without adding tracking software. If they keep the code open source, that means anyone can inspect it and raise a red flag if tracking is going on or the team is otherwise going against their stated purpose.

you can install and use most Android apps and use them as you would with a Google Android device

Calyx OS and Lineage OS are both operating systems based on Android. They simply do not include Google’s apps and services where the tracking is located, and that’s what you want.

They are Android devices, and they function the same way your run-of-the-mill Android phone does. This means you can install and use most Android apps.

There will be some differences in how you do some things, like installing apps, but overall using a de-googled Android device is the almost exactly the same as using a typical Google Android device.

Social media apps work, weather and mapping apps work, banking apps work, music apps work, my grocery store’s curbside/ delivery app works, of course browsers work, and more. I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed much utility at all by switching to a de-googled phone.

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1 week
Thanks for getting back to me , google know what they are doing
1 week
@catzy: \Aurora have all same apps just dont need to log in like to play store but if you load google apps like maps and whatsapp - phone loses its purpose
1 week
With your Aurora system you can still get whatsapp and use maps ?
3 months
@annddyy: I don't have s9 at the moment
3 months
OK, Please, give me your best offer to get a Samsung Galaxy S9 installed with Iodé 4. I may accept a refurbished one if and when it carries a new battery and does not have scratches.
What are the payment methods available?
3 months
@annddyy: If any of them need accounts created I won't be able to test them because I am not going to create accounts
3 months
OK, can you give me the overall cost if you sell the smartphone too with those apps tested in advance to make sure they run OK?
3 months
@annddyy: Thank you very much for interest but I don't do anything on someones phones, I am not taking any responsibility for bricked phone and in general it would be public illegal activity, sorry
3 months
After checking different smartphone models and free Android OS, I'm interested in having the Iodé 4 OS on a Samsung Galaxy S9. Please let me know the cost if I bring the phone to you. I also need to know in advance if the following apps run OK on Iodé OS:

Moomoo ( trading app )
4 months
@annddyy: As I said, if the phone is supported by them and has OFFICIAL build for it, it will get updates like all phones get no mater how old is phone, but how old is operating system.
For example, if my phone is 15 years old, but they made new latest OS with android 13 for it, - the os will get updates as liong as they decide to continue. They don't have any legal commitments to update your system like those famous corporations who make billions, so they may update it time by time or leave it and go for newer versions but I suggest you to look for the info online , ask questions, get answers on their community forum:
4 months
Thank you for your answer.

As to the security updates, please correct me if I'm wrong. As far as I know, those developers maintain the OS through security updates no longer that a certain number of years since the phone's year release, normally 5 years. Correct ? Old models like you have posted here, do they still receive those OS security updates from the developer in question? If so, for longer?

Apart from the budget, another important restriction I'm facing is, I'm looking for a mobile whose screen size is not over 5.5"- 6'', which is difficult to find given the present trend of manufactures of making large phones.

As to testing certain apps I got in mind, that will be the latest phase to check before making my final purchasing's decision and it's not becoming a concern.

If you think you can come up with something interesting that can suit my needs, please let me know through a private message.
4 months
And sorry forgot to answer about updates - yes, if your phone is supported on official say Lineage OS website official operating system is developed and published - you get their updates
There are lots of phones not supported, so then some community members develop OS for this specific phone but OS is unofficial, so it does not get updates
4 months
About Pinephone - I think they are sold already de-googled and even with phisical switches to turn off all networks to be sure there is no connection to the service providers, cell towers etc
4 months
Degoogled android has two purposes:
1 - privacy with no trackers, spyware, malware, personal accounts etc, and all same apps work unless you want some speciffic ones like banking apps (most of them require to track your device and get access to you complete system otherwise they refuse to provide service and this is the red flag - give them your privacy or leave them

2 - Phone is on android 4 which does not work anymore, none of apps work anymore, so modded latest android can be loaded and phone will work as new again,

and 3 - any of these phones can be flashed google services to use it as normal phone but then it loses de-googled phone purpose and it is not private anymore

If there is any specific app you want to test before getting degoogled phone I can test
4 months
Hello Zemaitijospienas,

Does't that smartphone receive more security updates because it is an old model, right? I'm looking for a de-googled smartphone that allow for, if possible 5 years security and OS updates but with a screen size nor more of 5.8''. Do you think you can find something on the market and customize it for me? I'm not looking in spending more than €360.

In addition, I was told that most of the apps do not work on those de-google phones. If your opinion is opposite or different, please demystify it for me.
In case, you can not help me. Could you advise somebody to get what I want. I was thinking in getting the Pinephone 64 and have it installed with a free Android version as alternative.
Thank you.
9 months
For all watchers:

I am sending all my stuff abroad most sundays thats why lots of my ads withdrawn or marked sold every week. Get it before it will be gone. It wont be cheaper - it will be gone
9 months
Collection in Balbriggan, 70 euro cash or swap, dual sim de-googled phone
9 months
This is what I want please
9 months
@okolo: I have sony smartphone with new case included for 50 euro if you want
9 months
I don't have anything to sway with sorry