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Naas, Kildare
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3 weeks ago

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4 months
5 months
@Jutland ur more than welcome to
Come view it of u like. You’d prob be able to tell more about it...I have it for sale for my mum
5 months
@Jutland hi yes we still have it...17-17:5 as far as I know
5 months
do you stil have this saddle if so what size is it please
6 months
@castletroy11 thanks I’ll
Find out brand today and anything else youd like to know? Or would u like to come view it might be better?
6 months
Hi yes still interested
6 months
@castletroy11 hi are u still interested? My. Mum is home now and get u more info if u want? Thanks
7 months
@castletroy11 hi no I’m sorry I’ve no more at the moment. It’s my mums and she is away until March. If you’d like u can come view it but I’ve no more info at this stage about it. Sorry hope that’s not too inconvenient
7 months
Any idea of brand ? Or Any more photos?
8 months
@[email protected] no problem thanks
8 months
Ok i come back to you tomorrow. Am looking at another one in the afternoon tomorrow.
8 months
@[email protected] I think €120 is very fair
8 months
Whats the lowest ye take for it.?? I can collect tomorrow if it reasonable
8 months
@[email protected] hi yes it’s still available and for general use too
8 months
Is this still available. Is it a general purpose saddle.?
10 months
Still available:
10 months
11 months
@sharoncarroll43 yes has been used on thoroughbred horse before. Not familiar with D ring, neither is my mum. Ur prob best to come view it.
11 months
Thoroughbred.. Would it be suitable for high withered.. Ask your mum to measure the d rings please when you get a chance👌
11 months
@sharoncarroll43 ur more than welcome to come view it?