Cool kiddi cabs business opportunity

Cool kiddi cabs business opportunity

The Opportunity
This is an opportunity to establish a successful easy to operate business. The main aspects of which are:
1) Shopping Centre based - The customers come to you
2)Simple rental business
3)No competition in your shopping centre
4)Can be operated seven days a week if the shopping canters open
5)Massive consumer appeal
6)Cash business which means you won't suffer from poor cash flow or bad debts
7)Provides an income 52 weeks of the year
8)The business can be operated either hands on by yourself or as an easily managed business.
9)12 Kiddi Cabs are supplied when you commence your franchise

The Rewards

The following figures are an indication of the levels of income that can be generated by the Kiddy Cabs franchise. They are not intended to be a guarantee. Actual results will depend on a large variety of factors. We will be happy to discuss this area in much greater detail with you during our initial discussions with you.

Hands on Minimal Help Managed
Net Profit
Year 1. €33,499 €30,595 €23,683

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Kilkenny, Kilkenny
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4 months ago

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4 months
@barbiejay: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
4 months
PM purpose . Want to ask few questions
5 months
@spurs1972 yes still available 😊
5 months
Is this business still for sale
7 months
@davecomedy these are specially adapted as in on a metal trolley with wheels for shopping centre escalators also included is the display stand, I hope this helps with your enquiry.
7 months
@shauna420 hi this is for sale as privately owned so you are your own boss which allows you the freedom to chose the area you work, hours you work and days you work , we arranged to hire in a shopping centre local to us but you will have to talk to the shopping centre manager where you would live to locate the business and negotiate the terms etc
7 months
@davecomedy hi this is privately owned not a franchise so you work where suits you ( area near where you live) hours times and days you work , basically you are your own boss so it's as good as you make it.
7 months
Hi is that monthly charge the only cost of setting up or what other costs are involved?
7 months
Does it come with a location? What’s the franchise element?
7 months
Ok thanks.
7 months
@davecomedy no there is 12 kiddi cabs
7 months
It is 18 cars for sale?
9 months
Still available:
9 months
€1,200 OFFERED
your asking price is €1200, is this a monthly charge, what does this include, how many cars are included in this price ??
9 months
i have sent you a PM