Dji Phantom 4, 3xBat,spare blades,Sandisk 64gb, case, apple cable, charger.

Immaculate condition, very low - DJI Phantom 4.

comes complete in original protective carry case

3X original excellent batteries,
64gb tft card,
tft to SD card adapter,
USB lead adapter for iPhone & iPad,
Screw on original Dji 16 stop nd filter,
clear lens,
2 extra spare new blades,
power adapter,

Looking at getting Samyang cine lenses EF mount with proceeds so if you have a few and want to swap let me know. Failing that cash is always king. Just to keep things simple please read the advert before commenting to avoid asking something that’s already shown here.

Well kept, used for one house mapping exercise and a social flying in the curragh.

Might swap for something else just ask. Thanks for looking, feel free to take a look at my other adverts I’ve a few bits up.

Sample from this drone

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4 months ago

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4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503: €650 OFFER ACCEPTED
Let’s go for it, :) it’s the weekend. You throw in the boat of love? I have spare tranny and batteries and receiver of a hex copter I have here.
4 months
Hi last genuine offer take it or I Will just find another seller. Can have cash and will collect today.thanks
4 months
Someone offer me 700 and take this beautiful machine away today
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 let me sleep on it.
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 let me sleep on it.
4 months
Ya Still have The boat.. so what you are saying if I give you the boat and 600 that's Good for you...??
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 thanks for the offer. Do you still have you boat? If I keep one of the batteries I might be able to do a slightly better deal than my asking for sure. As I could sell
Battery and make up the difference in price separate.
4 months
4 months
Look not trying to say the stuff you sell is not 100% I see your history speaks for itself..I see what you are saying I Still have the phantom 1 and it's still going strong.. look not going to waste your time so here is the best I can do I will be out with Cash tomorrow evening if you say Yes to my offer.thanks
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 this is why you don’t take my word it’s 100% you don’t look at feed back you go fly it for yourself! :) like buying a lens for a grand I’ve bought stuff over the years, anything can break even brand new out of the box and even when no failure happens you can have flyaways or worse still human error. The reason the dji are best selling drones is that they have have some of the best gear in them provided they weren’t treated poorly which mine hasn’t been.

The batteries sold alone would easily sell for at least 100 a go as they still are silly prices online and my ones they have so little use.the controller about around 100, even the drone parts would sell 400, case, gimbal, camera, motors, speed controllers, radio gear, gps, antenna, probably even someone would by the case to have their one original. That’s worst case scenario.

Money is always a mute point there is eight people looking at this advert and everyone is sitting on the fence hoping for a better deal. The phantom 4 was the first one to have dual IMU’s in case one fails, the software tells all the secrets so worry not. It will know there is an issue before you would. Unless you fly it in to the sea or a tree or a car in which case go back to point about human error. It might even have two compass I’d have to look it up. The motors are brushless not a lot to worry about there is no other moving parts bar a press button on the battery to turn it in and off and the gimbal and camera are all brushless so again no worries it should stay alive as long as you don’t smash it in too something. I hope that help put your mind at ease. I’ve sold a lot of gear here and it’s All been solid I’d keep this if I’d use it more but I know I won’t. I’ve machines here I’ve spent top dollar on and will sell them too because it’s better it’s flying than sitting in my office looking at me.
4 months
No worries there are a few cowboy's on this site..look I don't want to give you a stupid offer but I would like to think I can give you a fair enough one.. it's a good bit of money to fork out on something second hand like a phantom when no fault of your own a motor or esc or a compass could fail when I buy it off you..
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 it’s perfectly normal I just found that out the other day. So you want to take a punt at this unit?
4 months
A ok no problem sorry about that..!!
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 just ask a way what ever you like, neighbor of mine got a warning before for off advert pm as it’s against the rules for both buyer & seller until a sale is agreed.
4 months
Hi again Just for pm reason if that's ok..??
4 months
Buy with confidence from a trusted seller. Enjoy an amazing piece of gear that is easy to fly and has super clean video.
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 it’s immaculate look to be perfectly honest I use autoglym wax on it to keep the plastics super clean after flying because chopped up bug juice dried in is no fun to take off. Cleaned, always with microfibre cloth. Can give it a fresh wax and buff before sale to new owner, just to be nice. Always stored in the case too and even managed to get all three batteries to fit perfectly with everything in it. All my years at Tetris paid dividends.
4 months
Cheers for the explanation, had my own aerial photography business back in 2011. I get what you mean about the filters.. so the quadcopter is In Good condition so..
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 yes 4K with cine-log shooting or what ever they call it I’d have to log back in to check but it’s pretty flat profile you can use davinci resolve free and use Sole nice phantom luts to colour your footage. Best to play around and check out tutorials to get the most, I’m more interested now in the cine end that stays on the ground ;-)
4 months
@dermot.kelly.7503 lens and camera are both perfect. Gimbal is 100% as the whole thing. Not only is it perfect but I also bought a Dji ND filter for it straight away drove to some copter shop as they were the ones with stock. Could buy cheap ones on eBay but never bothered, nd filter is like putting sunglasses over the lens. Keeps the light levels lower and allows slower shutter speeds in daylight so it looks nicer. There’s loss of tutorials for DSLs you can check online explains better than I just did ;)