Small radiator 20" X 20"

As per pics.

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Crumlin, Dublin
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4 months ago

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1 month
Aoife, could you please PM again and also text your address to this mobile number, zero eight six one seven zero one four one eight I'm writing it to avoid the gate keeper function in adverts dot ie: ). Your reply by PM has got lost somehow and I AM able to pick the rad up in the morning after11 and before 12. I know you're Deveinish but have mislaid what number on the road! Cheers,Yvonne
1 month
Hiya, trying to figure a lift so I could pick it up either tomorrow or Monday late a.m. Trying to figure can we PM here so I can get you my number. I'll be back in touch later re that. Cheers!
1 month
hiya that's great. I'm just in Mount Brown in Kilmainham. Hope you don't mind me asking but I'd be so happy to cover you for your petrol if you were on for dropping it to me. Im not a driver and I don't think I'd get it on my bicycle:) If needs be though, I'll cab over to you for it over the next couple of days. Let's know what you might be able to do. Delighted to take it - want to fit one in my tiny front hall next week. Guessing it has the valves attached and all? Cheers, look forward to hearing back! Yvonne Cullen
1 month
@yvonnecullen: REQUEST ACCEPTED.
1 month
2 months
Anyone want this otherwise I'll take it to the dump.
3 months
@helen23087 no still available
3 months
Is this gone?