Mini Projector 6500 Lux, Video Projector Compatible with TV Stick Smartphone Tablet HDMI VGA USB AV TF Home Cinema Projector, White
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This HI-04 projector is equipped with the latest 1280P x 720 native resolution and colour light output technology and delivers clear, dynamic and colour-intensive HD image quality. With the latest LCD technology and a 90% improved colour brightness compared to other projectors as well as 80% increased white brightness, this easy-to-use and supporting projector with 100 inch projection screen is a very good value for money.
Set up a portable cinema in your home to watch movies, TV shows, photos and play video games. This portable projector has increased 30% additional light output and 5000:1 contrast ratio and is also designed with the latest NTSC colour technology and has improved the colour contrast ratio to restore the true colour content that presents our customers a real, vibrant and colourful video image.
This HI-04 projector is tailored to meet the requirements of our customers and offers a tailor-made and limited 100 inch projection screen in the packaging. You will set up your own home cinema freely and anywhere to watch movies, TV shows and photos slides and play video games. This home cinema projector with a 100 inch improved portable, foldable, wrinkle-free and easy to wash projection screen will not disappoint.
This compact video projector has multiple user-friendly ports, including an integrated HDMI, USB, TF card, VGA and AV interface. You can connect this projector directly to a TV stick as well as games consoles, PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, DVD players, Micro SD card and USB flash drive, etc. Set up your own home cinema with the supplied canvas now and enjoy incredible, fantastic and beautiful cinema experience at home.
The projector is a tailor-made and limited edition with an exquisite and exclusive 100 inch projection screen. The innovative and efficient cooling system allows for a stunning playback and listening experience, a unique system with two built-in speakers that provides excellent sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. This adds to the easily adjustable focus and trapezoidal correction function.


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