Ryzen 9 3900x , Strix AIO

Price drop, final price. If it doesnt sell I will put it in my secondary pc.

Cpu will be available for pickup/postage from 25th Feb!

**board sold**

Looking to swap my cpu, motherboard and strix LC 240mm AIO for the intel equivalent. (9900k, 10900k) motherboard and cooler.

AMD 3900x 12c/24t

Aorus Elite b550 motherboard

ASUS Strix LC 240mm aio

All items in perfect condition and are currently in everyday use.

CPU was bought mainly for streaming and multi tasking but i have since given that up and im looking to go intel for straight gaming purposes.

Any questions just ask

Items can be seen working.

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Tullamore, Offaly
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4 months ago

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2 months
@creativeDesigner could only I'll do for 350
2 months
What is the price for CPU only ?
3 months
Still Available:
3 months
just 1 quick question
3 months
No problem mate .no offence 😉
3 months
@michu3091 I apologise I didnt realise I put a laughing face in the comment, it made me sound like a dick! That was a genuine best of luck.
3 months
3 months
@michu3091 no worries my man. Best of luck with it 😅
3 months
My offer expired sorry faund 5900x new for 490e
3 months
350 and I will collect it today
3 months
@michu3091 I will accept 380 for just cpu.
3 months
350 cpu
3 months
@michu3091 500 is only a rough price for both cpu and cooler . Open to offers of course
3 months
Fair enough thanks 😊 500 it's new one by the way
3 months
@michu3091 will not take any less than 400 for CPU alone mate. If you are looking for both cooler and cpu I'll need a better offer .
3 months
3 months
@Lighting strike 375? You literally just said that 400 is a bit high for everyday use. Is 25 euro a deal breaker?
3 months
Anyway it’s grand there’s another one on adverts for 375. Thanks
3 months
Anyway it’s grand there’s another one on adverts for 375. Thanks
3 months
Yeah I was just wondering because it seems a bit high for a cpu in everyday use.