16 cores 32 thread threadripper 2950x, asrock taichi x399, enermax liqteck 360mm aio vs 2 rgb

sell my mobo cpu and cooler all with about 5 months of warrenty left reason for selling is wanna downgrade to new x570 platform as there is no threadripper launch this year..
this bundle come with
threadripper 2950x 16 core 32 thread 4.4 ghz chip
asrock taichi x399 mobo
and my 360mm full cover water cooler aio
total cost in pounds from amazon is around 1200 pounds so my asking of 1000 euro is very fair i believe so please no low ball offers!! i dont wanna swap unless its part of x470 + 2700x + cash!!!!
can be see working if wanted and ill will rma any problems u have for the next 3 months
heres my video on the pc sad to see it go !!




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2 months ago

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2 months
Will leave my offer as its just been leaked threadripper 2 will have a 16core so i will not bother going up from a 1950x to a 2950x but will wait until it reoeases and get that for my main rig
2 months
If this doesn't sell would you consider a px for a 1800x and an X370 Crosshair hero. The board is the best X370 board so with the Vrm's should easily support Zen 2 (Even 16 core).
2 months
@meep: €715 OFFER ACCEPTED
Yes it is
2 months
Hi. Am putting together a TR upgrade for my venerable FX8320 based system and have priced up a new 2920X mb/cpu/cooler for this price. Before I pull the trigger, thought I'd make an offer here at that amount for your consideration. (assuming the TaiChi is the full ATX version with 5x slots?)
3 months
@Eoghan O Gairbhi please post links or it didnt happen ya cabbage
3 months
Nah, I'll buy the faster and brand new rig for 690 from amazon. Wont have to deal with dread3d customer service either if this second hand stuff is broken. lmfao
3 months
@Eoghan O Gairbhi lmfao go buy a 499 cpu a 250 mobo and a 200 euro cooler to match my cpu bud go low ball someone else !!
3 months
So benchmarks are out for Ryzen 3 and the 12 core 3900X matches the 2950 in multi core, and signifigantly faster in single core:

Pricing out a brand new 3900X mobo, cooler, cpu combo on amazon.co.uk comes in at around 690 euro.

Think a 20% discount over that combo for your offering would be fair, at 550 euro. Bit off your original expectation, but offer is there for you to consider!
3 months
This is a very good bundle going for a stellar price. Anyone who is looking for a good workstation base would be lucky to get this!

Oh by the way nice card, I have the same Sapphire Rx Vega 64 nitro + card, check my ad. Really good card.
3 months
Really nice rig man and watched and subbed to the you tube channel, surprised it's not gone already at this price. Good luck with the sale
3 months
@Eimhin03 current price for ur cpu and mobo is around 500 retail mine is alot more than 1000retail
3 months
@Eimhin03 nah man not being funny but my chip is 800 quid on amazon would have to come with 500quid for mo bo and cpu the cooler is just a value add its full cover aio have no need for it if I sell cpu its made for threadripper all other coolers cant keep this beast cool as they dont cover the whole ihs
3 months
I don't need to cooler. I have a custom mechanical keyboard I could do with Mobo and cpu and a Corsair dark core rgb wireless mouse
3 months
@Eimhin03 I would be willing to do my mobo cpu cooler for your mobo cpu cooler and ur ipad ?!
3 months
Without cooler.
3 months
How much with 2700x and rog x470 crosshair 7 hero
4 months
@Eoghan O Gairbhi I could do 850 that's 16 core 850 cheapest I can fine anywhere in euro and u get a free mobo and cooler worth a combined 400ish prolly more
4 months
Yeah, makes sense! What's the absolute minimum you'll drop to for this bundle?
The 16 core Ryzen 3950x coming out in September looks pretty enticing too at 750, so just wanna weigh things up.
4 months
@Eoghan O Gairbhi nah man if I can't sell it all there is no point in selling not alot of people out there that will pay for this level of hardware so If I put the cpu up separately not sure I'll sell it wanna sell it all and buy my new stuff same day!! Ya get me
4 months
Would you sell the mobo separately, and if so what price? Thanks