Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 4 in 1 Stud Detector Detector Beam Finders Wall Detector Sensor Center Finding with LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Cable Joist Detection (Stud Finder)

Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 4 in 1 Stud Detector Detector Beam Finders Wall Detector Sensor Center Finding with LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Cable Joist Detection (Stud Finder) Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 4 in 1 Stud Detector Detector Beam Finders Wall Detector Sensor Center Finding with LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Cable Joist Detection (Stud Finder) Power Tools
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.➤ADVANCED SENSORS TECHNOLOGY FOR ACCURATELY AND QUICKLY LOCATES STUDS WOOD METAL AC WIRES!- A good stud finder detector needs to be Accurate. Tavool wall scanner is an electronic stud finder with multi-sense technology which can locate studs/wood/AC wires in multiple locations on your wall. Whether you are a professional, homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, you can find great use in this digital stud scanner.
➤4 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTION PLUS DEEP DETECTION - The digital wall scanner includes four different scanning modes for woods, beam, joist, metals, AC wires and deeply embedded objects. Stud mode detects wooden beams and joists in drywall up to 1.2 inches. Metal mode detects pipe , rebar, aluminum and copper up to 1.57 inches.Deep mode detects wood and metal parts located up to 1.77 inches while 85~240 volt AC current for voltage and live electrical lines up to 2.36 inches
➤EASY TO READ LCD SCREEN Displaying the Desired Stud Material As Well As the Precise Position of the Stud – The Tavool digital stud scanner features large LCD display together with the big sound warning to detect the accurate location of the objects. When find the material, the LCD display will indicate the direction and the intensity of beeping tells whether you are more close to the target. The fast detection saves users time and efforts, making the task completion EASIER
➤AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION AND SIMPLE USE - Turning on the stud finder and Completing calibration by placing the wood beam finder on the wall when the BEEP sound and screen shows disappear. The automatic calibration before using provides users with maximum reliability and accuracy. Then put it on the wall. The wood beam finder will flash and beep once it has picked up the edge of a stud
➤ERGONOMIC GRIP FOR COMFORTABLE USE - The ergonomic design of this wall stud finder makes it comfortable to hold from any angle. This stud joist finder wall detector can quickly LOCATE the metal wood AC wire that are hidden in the walls, floors and ceilings of your house, help you avoid hazards while installing TVs, cabinets, garage shelves etc

Product Description
stud finder
Whether you’re hanging a picture,mounting a TV,renovating part of your home, or working as a professional contractor, you need to know what is on the other side .Tavool stud finder is one of those tools that you will eventually need. Tavool stud finder can be the difference between a successful DIY home project and disaster.

stud finder wall scanner
Tavool stud beam finder is a device that is used to determine exact location of framing studs that are located behind the drywall. This Multi-scanner stud finder uses electronic signals to quickly locate edges and center of metal, studs, joists, pipes, live AC wire behind walls, floors and ceilings.

The cost of a stud finder wall scanner will almost always be less than the cost of repairing the damage done from not locating one before hanging something. TAKE IT HOME AND START YOUR PROJECT SAFE!

Note: 1. This stud finder can quickly locate metal, studs, joists, pipes, live AC wire behind all kinds of walls floors and ceilings but except the cement board wall and brick wall, you can use it on popcorn ceilings, plaster walls, textured surfaces, drywall, etc.

stud finder wall scanner

stud finder wall scanner

stud finder wall scanner

Stud Scan Detection
Deep Scan Mode scans through 2 layers of drywall up to 1.5 in. (38 mm) deep. DeepScan Mode is a higher sensitivity scanning mode that should be used when there are extra layers of wallboard or paneling. To minimize false positives and/or finding other objects further behind the wall that may not be a stud, always start your scan in StudScan Mode first.

Question: How can I be certain the objects found behind my wall are studs in DeepScan Mode

Metal Scan Detection
Tavool wall canner will locate metal studs in StudScan, DeepScan, and Metal Scan Modes. Since Tavool stud finders are looking for a change in density behind drywall, not a particular material, in StudScan and DeepScan Modes the detector will react to metal studs the same as it would for wooden studs.

After you detect the center of a object, Please Use Metal Scan to determine if the previous reading in Stud scan was a wood stud, metal stud, or pipe.

Live AC Wire Detection
Wire Warning detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded electrical wiring up to 2 inches (51 mm) deep. For Safety, in all modes, this wall scanner always detect and indicate the Live AC Wire.

Note: WireWarning Detection works in both StudScan / DeepScan / MetalScan Modes. The WireWarning Detection Icon will flash when live, unshielded wires are detected.

stud finder
The wall detector features large LCD display, ergonomic design and multi-sense technology for accurate detection of both metal and wooden studs. It will also detect live wiring up to two inches into walls. The four scanning modes (stud scan, deep scan, metal scan and AC scan) make it ideal for both tradesmen and home carpenters. With this device, you can immediately find a suitable place on the wall without making any extra holes

stud finder wall scanner
stud finder wall scanner

stud finder wall scanner

stud finder wall scanner

Step 1:Calibrate the tool before every scan
After choose the mode, press and hold the scan button( on the side of the tool) to calibrate this tool. Wait for the reducing bars disappeared and beep to confirm calibration has completed.

In stud/deep mode, put it on the wall where you want to detect to calibrate it ;In AC/Metal mode, put it in the air to calibrate it.

Step 2: Scan the wall
Hold down the button, then move the stud finder along the wall slowly, if shake or lift the scanner accidently, the device needs to be re-calibrate.

The narrow on the screen togather with the beep signal alter, guides you to find the location of the stud.

Step 3: Find the location of the stud
When the signal bar is full and the beep alarm is loudest, it means you have found the center of an object.Mark it with your pencil.

Then choose the Metal Scan mode to test whether it is a metal. After you confirm that it is not a metal, it means that you found the center of a stud. (More details refer to the above description of "Metal Scan Detection")Then you can drill it to hang thing

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