GMC 1250W Wet Stone Cutter 110mm
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Laying a patio? Demolishing a wall or building a house? Or do you just enjoy the feeling of controlled, precise power at your fingertips? You need the GMC1250 Wet Stone Cutter - a heavy-duty, hand-held circular saw for lubricated cutting of stone, marble, granite and ceramics, including blocks and tiles.

Driven by a powerful 1250 W motor, the 110 mm cutting blade reaches a maximum no load speed of 13,800 rpm to slice through hard materials while maintaining smoothness and precision of cut. For levels of performance, the GMC1250 features an integrated water feed, allowing cooling of the blade during use. Not only does wet cutting cool and lubricate both the blade and the workpiece to prevent cracking and improve precision, it also extends the working life of the blade by reducing friction and wear, as well as drastically reducing dust for a cleaner, safer working area.

The corrosion-resistant, all-metal base provides strength and sturdiness at the core of the machine, which is easily controlled and highly manoeuvrable, thanks to the rightly-positioned handles.

The depth of cut is easily adjustable - thanks to the easily accessible wing nut - to provide tailored results depending on the application. Features also include a lock-on switch for continued use and a blade guard to protect against damage and injury.

Compatible with any 110 mm diamond blade suitable for wet cutting, the GMC1250 is currently sold bare (without a blade).

Supplied with cooling system setup, including valve, outlet, connector and hose, as well as a pair of replacement carbon brushes.

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4 days
Hello would this saw be suitable to but a granite work top need to widen cut by 10mm to fit a hob in
3 weeks
@Barney's Bargains: Hello. No problem. You contact our tool specialist John at the following number -
4 weeks
Hello. Do you have a contact number that I can call you with please? I’m looking to buy a lot of tools for tiling.
4 weeks
@123michelle: No problem. If you have any difficulty finding our shop just let us know. Here is the postcode: A63YC03
4 weeks
thanks see you later
4 weeks
@123michelle: Hi. Yes the two blades that come with the Wet Stone cutter can cut Porcelain. Thanks
4 weeks
sorry 1 more question the 2 blades that come with it does it cut porcellintiles ?
4 weeks
@123michelle: Great. We will see you shortly
4 weeks
we will call today thanks
4 weeks
@123michelle: Hello. Yes, we have 2 in stock right now. Is there a day that suits you to collect?
4 weeks
any left i could collect
1 month
@mag111: No problem. Have a nice day
1 month
Thanks for letting me know
1 month
@mag111: This would not be suitable for cutting wood. The wet stone cutter is for cutting stone, marble, granite, and ceramics, including blocks and tiles. Thanks, Lewis
1 month
Can you cut wood with it
1 month
Perfect. Thanks so much. See you then
1 month
@davbro: No problem. We will keep it here for you. We are open from 9am tomorrow morning. See you then. Thanks, Lewis
1 month
Hi. Yes thanks. I'll come up tomorrow morning to collect if that's ok. Thanks again
1 month
@davbro: Hello again. We just checked our warehouse and found 1 left in stock. It comes with two blades free of charge. Please let me know if you would like to buy it. Thanks, Lewis
1 month
@davbro: Great! If you like you can order directly from our website. Just type J.Jackson Tools into google and we should pop up. The Wet Stone cutter is in the power tools section of our site. Any difficulty please don't hesitate to contact us. Cheers, Lewis