Egg Incubator Machine and Automatic Hatchery
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Production Description
This incubator is designed to incubate all sort of eggs, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs. It can accommodate up to 112 eggs. The LED screen provides information about temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning time for efficient monitoring and close care. The auto turners will turn the eggs around automatically every 2 hours to improve the speed of incubation. With the newly design of transparent container section, you can see the eggs hatching without opening the lid and interrupting the hatching environment. Perfect for home use or educational purposes and activities.


Digital temperature control for easy operation

Can accommodate 112 eggs on auto turners for large capacity
Automatic egg turning every 2 hours for save more time

Outside water adding without cuting electric for more convenience

Transparent base for visibility of eggs hatching and easy to clean

Upgraded PVC material for more healthier and portable

High quality motor for less noise and lower energy dissipation

Temperature and humidity will alarm when going out setted range

Built-in water channels for controlling humidity level

Built-in fan to circulate the air for even temperature and humidity

LED display provides temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg turning time for efficient monitoring


Material: PVC

Color: White+Yellow

Capacity: 112 eggs

Power: 80W

Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz,110V/60Hz

Temperature Range: 20℃ ~ 40℃
Package Included:

1 x Foam protection

1 x Incubator

1 x Power cord

1 x English Instruction booklet


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1 week
We appreciate your patronage. Please, Kindly live a feedback .
1 week
Decent man looked after me will do deal again
1 week
Hey man ...firstly i ordered 24egg incubator but u send me 35egg incubator...after 1st hatch i got no chick...there s a big egg tray in there s no roan to turn eggs thys y they all died...thirdly ur incubator is not making himidity over 30.
.i just bought 25 days thts in warranty...there is technical fault in ur machine...refund my money i send u back..i try to contact u on whatsapp u dnt answer...u better return my money?
1 week
Hey i bought incubator of u...i m texting u on whatsapp about problem..if u dont respond me i will write all detail here...u better respond me
1 week
Its still available but we do delivery only because of the virus situation..
1 week
I can collect tomorrow
1 week
Is this still available?
1 month
we deliver within 2 to 5 working days
1 month
How long u deliever in ireland
3 months
It rotates every 2 hours
3 months
well, according to the description, it can incubate all sort of eggs
3 months
Hi, do you think this would work for reptile eggs? Does it rotate, or is there a way to turn off the rotating feature