Digital Incubator 9/12 Chicks Eggs with Temperature Control - Ideal Farmyard Use or Home Use Gift Kids
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It is a manual egg rotation incubator, which is considered automatic because it is configured with an automatic temperature control, a sensitive control panel that adjusts the optimum temperature for the development of the eggs. It has a high hatching rate thanks to the circular design of the hot air duct, which maintains a constant temperature in all directions.

Transparent and visible incubator designed to observe the status and evolution of the eggs at all times. Use of highly efficient LEDs for a clearer and more detailed vision.

The circular form of the incubator guarantees a magnificent homogenization of humidity and environment temperature, avoiding at all times that excess water affects the hatching of eggs. Airflow assisted by a low noise fan that guarantees its correct circulation. The incubator is considered automatic due to the humidity and temperature control, however it does not have automatic egg turning.

Simple operation and ideal for hobbies, educational activities and any professional or home use. This is equipment intended for laboratory observation or home incubation of small birds, always allowing easy, safe and efficient observation. Suitable for chicken, quail, partridge, canary, duck and pigeon eggs.

Made for any type of egg that seems to you, adequate incubator for chicken, quail, partridge, canary, duck, dove or reptile eggs.

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