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Detachable pool designed for the whole family to have a great time outdoors. Fun, playful, and refreshing exercise for everyone. You can install it quickly and easily in the patio or garden at home to make the summer much more fun. The whole family can have a great time in this pool built with resistant materials subjected to quality tests. It is built with rust-resistant metal frames and duraplus, a puncture-resistant, three-layer reinforced material. In addition, you can quickly disassemble it to store it when the summer ends. This model includes a 3,028 liter / hour cartridge filter so that the pool water is always clean. It also includes a ladder to facilitate safe access to the pool and a cover to cover it when not in use and prevent dirt from falling. Thanks to the drain valve, it can be emptied quickly. It has a capacity of 14,970 liters and dimensions of 457 x 107 cm.
More information

- Size: 457 x 107 cm.

- Circle shape.

- White color.

- Water capacity: 14,970 L.

- 3.028 L / H cartridge purifier.

- Recommended age: + 5 years.

- Corrosion resistant metal structure.

- Material: Duraplus with 3-ply PVC and high-strength polyester sidewalls.

- Contents: 1 pool, 1 cartridge filter, 1 ladder, 1 cover and 1 repair patch.

- Easy to install.

- Easy to store out of season.

Recommendations for use for the pool (may affect the product warranty):

* Install on a solid and level surface. Avoid sandy or asphalt surfaces.

** Do not install the pool on balconies / terraces in height.

*** Install near water, power and drain connections.

Delivery time 5-10 working days

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Navan, Meath
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6 days ago

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6 months
@2004aero hi, no the filter doesn’t need to be on all the time. Also if you take proper care of the water and use chlorine etc you could get away without changing water for few months.
6 months
Just wondering how often would water need to be changed in this and does the pump and filter need to run 24hrs a day
6 months
Thank you very much for info appreciate it
6 months
@Lovestuff hi, yes you can
If you go on our website you will be able to view some or click on this link:


Solar ones wouldn’t particularly work in Ireland I am afraid, you need a lot of sun for them to work
6 months
Can you buy heaters for these pools please
Even would the solar powered ones work
6 months
@william.connolly.37 hi yes it is still available. U can purchase on our website www.clicabox.com
6 months
Cool, I’ll let my friend know
6 months
Is this still available
10 months
Unreal. Best service I I think I've.ever received 12 hrs later it arrived 🤣🤣🤣
10 months
@layley thank you so much! :)
Yes all is inside :)
Enjoy it
10 months
Hi, got delivery today omg unreal service.. box is huge but covered and I'm keeping it like that until summer, is ladder etx all inside ?
10 months
10 months
@layley obviously not you! Haha🤭
10 months
Yes. It's a brilliant buy,and great deal . Who needs Spain 🤣
10 months
@layley ah yous are going to have so much fun in it! :)
10 months
Yes I'll try that
I got 12ft last year brilliant pool, but we wanted bigger for this year. Thrilled
10 months
@layley hi,
Thanks so much, we don’t. But what I would reccomend is play matts ( foam ) from smyths to go under it :)
10 months
Hi I've just ordered this thank you, do you sell foam mats for under it???
10 months
That's no problem.thank you I'm ordering now
10 months
@layley sorry my apologies! It’s due to the weight of the product! I am sorry about providing wrong information below