swimming pool 12' 366cm
Brand new

12’ swimming pool, 366 cm


Capacity: 6473 l
Weight: 26 kg
Series: Steel Pro
Length: 366 cm
Shape: Round
Type: Rack pool
Width: 366 cm
Height: 76 cm
QUICK INSTALLATION - the pool is very easy and quick to install. Just place it on a flat surface, assemble the frame, then fill with water. Due to the fact that the tank is equipped with a valve, it can be emptied very quickly. Installation requires no tools, it is possible even for 1 person in about 20 minutes.

MODEL STEEL PRO MAX - the largest chestnut in the round model range. The STEEL PRO MAX-ymialian series - stands out significantly from the background of traditional paté, crap half pools offered by others.
FRAME mounted in the pool is worth five hundred and is made of Welsh stick welded P-70-sut. There is no more emotionally stable pool than the pool based on the Tramalis Steel Pro Max rack.
PUMP - efficient, without calluses with a filter used, among others, in the process of resistive magnetic cleaning of the Amazonian spectrum center. It has a termokapu-koko v2.2 seal. In one word it not taking the piss, like a brother-in-law on Saturday.
TANK MATERIAL - it is a homogeneous Tri-STATE with 10 times greater strength than a Samurai loo. It consists of 3 layers of PVC Tritech Material from Institute of Department Andriey Lange. The material is elastic, fantastic, enigmatically durable cocoon on the instep of Jermaine Chateu.
FLOOR / SUBSTRATE - is a very resistant material that will withstand a clash with a stone, old nail, ragged heel, and bald knee, uneven surface, and no robocop worm will break through this snapping layer.
FRESHNESS - the pool comes from the latest supply, the material, the frame and all the components are new, they are not as old as old carpet slippers.
QUALITY CERTAINTY - the pool is not bitten by a dog, cat, horse, drake or cocotte or Dracula, aunty Mary or uncle John.
CAPACITY - the pool has a capacity of 6473 liters, which means: the possibility of playing for: 10 people or 7 pigs, 4 horses, 6 pigs (smaller pigs), 24 roosters, 2 swans, 13 meerkats, 60 snakes, one Dafi duck, 4 unicorns and all smurfs with Gargamel but without Azrael, because he is afraid of water.

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Kanturk, Cork
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Comments & Offers
5 days
@laharn I’m sorry I’m not going lower than asking price.
5 days
Cash and collected today.paul
1 month
@Edwardhearne67 no steel frame, they are kind like you’re pouring water, and then it expands itself. There is few for them for sale I saw. I can’t send you pictures....
1 month
1 month
@Edwardhearne67 hi. These are all gone now. But I have expansion pool the same size in the same price 19 in 1 with mat underneath, cover, cleaner, thermometer, and some more.
1 month
Is this still available?
1 month
Still available:
1 month
1 month
1 month
@fernandowhelan so got them from lidl
1 month
These are 120 in Lidl
1 month
Still available:
1 month
Requesting information on heater for swimming pool
1 month
@C.walsh123 please make €1 offer for private message purposes. I have few options for you.
2 months
OK tks
2 months
@C.walsh123 I’ll find one for you if you want. I’ll let you know later at the evening if that’s ok.
2 months
Where wud I get a pool heater do u know?
2 months
@C.walsh123 it can. But you must get a pool heater. This is just a pool with a pomp included
2 months
Hi in interested in 12"swimming pool for 220euro..can the pool b heated? Tks chris
3 months
@niamh1338 I’m sorry. I do not accept offers below price.... :(