The lord of the rings ps2

PS 2 games

The lord of the rings
The two towers
The return of the kings
The third age

No marks on discs and incl manuals

20 euro for 4 games

PLEASE READ.......................

Don't swap
dont meet in city center
can post register post and packaging is 10euro

Any rude, crude or other offensive messages/comments will be reported.
Anyone "price bombing" (someone who advertises any of the following item(s) for cheaper) will be blacklisted and as set out by '' T&C, once you make an offer on an advert you should commit to it after I accept the offer unless you tell me that you do not want the item before I accept your offer or you will be reported and blacklisted.

DO NOT make any offer if you don't want to buy it ! YOU WILL will receive neutral feedback to warn others of your time wasting

Anyone who low balls my ads or ignores me after i accept your offer will receive neutral feedback to warn others of your time wasting

I'm sure you wouldn't want it done to you.

If an official offer is accepted & you don't reply to my PM to complete the deal, after 3 working days negative feedback WILL be left for you.

Note: Please do not offer to buy this item unless you are prepared to follow through. Once a bid is accepted, the bidder is obligated to purchase as per Buyers House Rules . A reneged bidder will likely receive negative feedback.

No offers under the asking price

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