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Big reduction to only €50

Just to clarify- I own two of these, one of which will be auctioned (estimated price £150-250). I am selling this Adverts one at a reduced price as it is not possible to get both in auction. The true value is certainly 2-4 times my Adverts price. It’s an immaculate item and a very good deal for a collector/investor.

Highly collectible porcelain Keith Haring plate. These pieces are seen in auction valued between €200-400 euro plus. Please take note of dimensions and details.This is an immaculate, genuine and beautifully presented art item.


TITLE:Tognana 17SIGNATURE:signed in the block versoMEDIUM:porcelain plateSIZE:19½ x 19½cm (7.7 x 7.7in)FRAMED SIZE:35 x 35cm (13.8 x 13.8in)

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Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
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1 month ago

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1 month
@cybersadie Good afternoon! This particular plate is sold and will be posted tomorrow. I don’t officially mark as SOLD until the buyer has received and is happy. However, I do own one more that is currently with an auction house. Should I end up getting it back, I will give you first refusal (although it has been valued at €150-250 for auction and I’m hoping I can achieve around this). I’ve ended up selling this one so cheap as it wasn’t really possible to get both plates in auction. Thanks for your interest and offer. M.
1 month
If still available
1 month
@crmcc: €50 OFFER ACCEPTED
1 month
😂 Right so, go on!
1 month
@crmcc can I tempt you any further for just €50??! What a deal 😁
1 month
@crmcc Also, if you’d like to just make a €1 offer to talk more via private msg, I’m happy to answer any more questions on this item. Thanks.
1 month
@crmcc Hi, I purchased two identical plates a while back in Italy. I’m not sure how proof of providence would apply to this art piece as they were made in multiples, it clearly has the official stamping on the back, comes in the original box and you can Google it’s authenticity easily. It is the real deal and I’ve had one accepted in auction too. Hopefully this will satisfy your question. Thanks.
1 month
Hello! Is there any proof of provenance available with the plate?