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Mercury 50hp longshaft (2)
Johnson 150 v6 top and mid section.
€325 each.

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Bantry, Cork
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4 months ago

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Comments & Offers
1 month
@vadja821943821943 hi. Sorry but I don't have any parts of that type engine.
1 month
Can you have something for suzuki df 25hp v-twin
3 months
@donedealuser (#2e2de) yeah, those 4strokes were all suzuki made.
Sorry but I don't have one of those.
3 months
Hi Danny it a 2000 70 4 stroke made by suzuki for evinrude
3 months
@donedealuser (#2e2de) hi. I might have a 2stroke one but probably not a 4 stroke. What year or model is it?
3 months
Hi there im looking for an evinrude 70 4 stroke gearbox if you know of anyone
7 months
@Daibheid hi, I know the type but I don't have it. Sorry.
7 months
Looking for a recoil spring for a little late 60's Johnson seahorse twin. It's a double coil internal/ external for the old vertical geared starter. Could send you a pic but you probably know the one, used on Evinrude and OMCs of that era. Thank you.
7 months
Thanks very much your a Gent .
7 months
The package is in the post now. You should have it tomorrow. Thanks.
7 months
yes please its my mates engine so I would say so Thanks .
7 months
@fleecem, perfect, Thanks. I've just removed the coil and will post tomorrow.
Do you need the wire that goes down under the plate and to the plastic socket?
7 months
Ive sent 40.00 to your paypal account Richard Levis is that right .
7 months
Thanks its 10 The Green Roberts Hill Circular Rd Kilkenny R95 E4 P8 Nick Parslow .
7 months
@fleecem thats grand. I'll post it on Monday. I'll need your address again as I didn't save it I think.
7 months
yes thats fine thanks I think I have your pay pal address il get it sent off to you if that suits you .
7 months
@fleecem I understand.
I didn't want to make the same mistake again!
I've spent a lot of time searching for it and removing the flywheel, will spend more time removing the parts and packaging, then there's postage costs, etc and there isn't much profit?
How about 40 then?
How much is it worth to you?
7 months
A bit dear the last coil I got off you was €20 and €10 p&p a new condenser is €8 what the best you will do .
7 months
@fleecem: It all looks pretty clean to me.
How does €50 including post sound, for coil and the condenser?
7 months
sorry its not the wire to the plugs its a condenser that has a broken wire so he will have to get just the coil what price is it inc postage to Kilkenny and if the condenser looks ok that as well or I will get anew one