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18 hrs."Communication at Higher Levels" extra's

"There's nothing you cannot so when your horse becomes a part of you"

Level 2 is the beginning of a journey that develops your confidence and independence with horses. You'll be learning advanced notions around reading horse behavior and using psychology to help horses want to do things with you and for you.

This set includes:
All 8 DVDs-18 hrs of coaching,demonstrations and lectures.
Complete Tool Kit :Savvy Spot,Paintstik,Shim pattern has the excess trimmed,1 replacement bell,2 replacement ties
Full Set of Cards with Special Ring Holder,handy reminders to give you important tips and lesson references.
3 Program guides
Success Map
Dr. Stephanie Burns' book "Move Closer, Stay Longer" NOTE this book is getting harder to find with theses sets. This book is in very nice condition
About the Parelli's program

Gives a very thorough understanding of Natural Horsemanship.

You'll learn a very deep understanding of Natural Horsemanship and why horses respond so well to the commands of the Seven Games.
How to create a strong foundation of trust, respect, and communication with horses

How to think like a horse, and make horsemanship fun for your horse

How to understand why resistance occurs, how to prevent it, and cure it

How to uncover the myths and know the truth about horses

How to ride like a "natural" - natural riding dynamics are communication keys

6 Extra Savvy Club

#16 DVD

ATTITUDE/KNOWLEDGE Smart Seven Part 15 (13 min.) with Pat Parelli, Cash and Smart Seven
In this session, Smart Seven is 15 months old and this is his second appearance at the annual Savvy Conference in Colorado. (His first appearance was in 2004—see Club DVD Issue 12). Pat plays with Seven while riding Cash and talks about using communication rather than tricks; teaching positive patterns; and the importance of mental and emotional exercise for the young horse’s development.

TECHNIQUES "Fluidity with Fred and Cheyenne" (45 min.) with Linda Parelli
Linda helps Fred discover why his horse is having trouble shifting weight onto her hindquarters and how her bracey movement, hollow back and high head are the result of restrictive equipment. Linda demonstrates how to make adjustments to the saddle and pad and introduces Fluidity techniques to help Cheyenne’s self-carriage and allow her to stretch and round her topline at the walk, trot and canter.

IMAGINATION "The Parelli Games – Squeeze Puzzles" (11 min.) with Pat Parelli and Cash
Pat talks about the Squeeze obstacle challenges in his "Parelli Games" and demonstrates how to properly prepare your horse to set you both up for success!

FLASHBACK "California Expo 1987" (28 min.) with Pat Parelli, Sparky and a problem horse
Watch a young, passionate Pat Parelli deliver his natural message to an audience at the Cal. Horse Expo in 1987. Pat plays with and rides a problem horse that is known to rear and buck when ridden. A special surprise is seeing how Pat decides to dismount when the horse gets to buckin’!

BEHIND THE SCENES "It’s A Girl!" (3 min.) with "Grandpa" Pat, daughter Marlene and Sparky
Pat and Marlene show off their "trick-riding" talents back in the days when the thought of being a granddad was just a dream...

#17 DVD

ATTITUDE/KNOWLEDGE "Needle Shy Demonstration" (57 min.) with Pat Parelli, Jesse, Karen, Cash and Sage In this demonstration Pat helps Karen's mare, Sage, with her dramatic claustrophobia and fear of needles. While riding Cash, Pat plays the Seven Games with Sage to develop trust, leadership and expose Sage's deep fear of confinement. This demonstration is not intended to teach the techniques for dealing with this kind of problem. It is to expose just how deep and severe it can be in some horses plus show the Level of savvy required to address it safely for both horse and human. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: This session contains Level 4 techniques. Please do not attempt. In severe cases such as this, please consult with your Parelli Endorsed Professional.

TECHNIQUES "Frustrating vs. Fascinating" (58 min.) with Linda Parelli and Nova When Linda's horse, Remmer, injured himself before a Parelli Tour event in Kentucky, Pat ‘loaned' her his Andalusian/TB mare, Nova. "Nova is the type of horse that feels a fly before it lands on her," says Linda. Linda rides Nova and explains how she uses the Passenger Lesson to help Nova become softer—mentally and emotionally—teaching her to "fall in love with relaxation." You'll see why and when Linda progresses from Passenger to Guider, plus excellent examples of how to mirror the horse while riding.

IMAGINATION "Parelli Games & Puzzle Solving—The Tarp Puzzle" (11 min.) with Pat Parelli and Magic Become a lateral thinker and a puzzle solver with Pat and Magic! Pat shows how to solve the Parelli Games Tarp Puzzle. "This is not about how to get them on the tarp. That's in the Parelli Program. This is about getting your horse to Play The Game."

FLASHBACK "Bishop Mule Days 1986 Demo" (9 min.) with Pat Parelli and Sissy Pat and Sissy the mule take off the bridle for a cool demonstration on the "power of suggestion not the power of the bit" and "riding by the seat of your pants" during Bishop Mule Days in 1986

#18 DVD

ATTITUDE/KNOWLEDGE "Texas Demo Horses" (2 hrs. 10 min.) with Pat, Linda, Tess & Logan, David & Chip Get ready for a riveting session of love, language and leadership in action with Pat, Linda and two demo horses in Fort Worth, Texas. Linda plays with Logan, a five-year-old Mustang gelding, and Pat with Chip, a five-year-old Grade QH gelding. Logan is perfect except…he invades your space, won't stop, ignores his rider, is hard to catch, bolts, bucks or shies, is needle shy and balks at trailer loading. Chip is perfect except…he is disrespectful, wants to do things his way, gets in your space, nips, and doesn't like trailer loading or being saddled. This session features a split screen format so you get to see every move Pat and Linda make-it's twice the savvy in one video!

IMAGINATION "Parelli Games & Puzzle Solving-The Slalom Puzzle" (12 min.) with Pat Parelli and Magic In this "how to" session, Pat demonstrates the steps for preparing your horse to play with his Slalom Puzzle from the Parelli Games. He shows how to isolate the steps and build the process to get your horse thinking and asking questions so it's all about communication and doesn't become a trick! (For a complete list of tasks in the Parelli Games, club members can download the PDF at

FLASHBACK "Horsemanship through Communication" (24 min.) with Pat Parelli and Salty Doc, Cal. Expo 1987 Taped 19 years ago at the 1987 California Horse Expo, Pat gives an action-packed demonstration (with and without a bridle) with his QH stallion, Salty Doc, and talks about regular people getting extraordinary results through "Attitude, Feel, Timing, Balance and SAVVY!"
# Mag.18 "Carwash,What to do(and not do),Horse Health"

# Mag. 19 "Playday!,8 Principles,The Ride that changed Pat"

# Mag 20 "What is kicking all about?,Stall Rest,Sundial"

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