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I've tidied up list and am now selling the rest as a whole.
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Secret rare
Diffusion wave-motion MFC
Mazera Deville AST
Ring of destruction PGD

Ultimate rare
Hallowed life barrier 1st ed SOD
Forced ceasefire 1st ed FET
Assault on GHQ 1st ed FET
Penalty game 1st ed FET
Birthright 1st ed STON
D.D. Tap hole 1st ed CRV
Eliminating the league 1st ed STON
Dimension wall 1st ed CRV
Level limit area A 1st ed EEN
Goblin out of the frying pan 1st ed SOI
Cyclone blade 1st ed

Rapid fire magician EEN
Ancient gear beast TLM
Supercharge POTD
Spark blaster CRV

Ultra rare
Magic jammer MRD-E
Barrel Dragon MRD-E
Seven tools of the bandit MRD-E
Horn of heaven MRD-E
Mirror force MRD-E
Axe of despair MRL
Spellbinding circle MRL
Relinquished MRL
Snatch steal MRL-E
Mystical space typhoon MRL
Megamorph MRL
Chain destruction PSV
Call of the haunted PSV
Ceasefire PSV
The legendary fisherman PSV
The fiend megacyber PSV
Torrential tribute LON
Card of safe return LON
Mage power LON
Last warrior from another planet LON
Royal command LON
Destiny board LON
Dark ruler ha des LOD
Marauding captain 1st ed LOD
Hino kagu tsuchi LOD
Great dezard PGD
Guardian sphinx PGD
Fushioh richie PGD
Mystical knight of jackal PGD
Byser shock PGD
Question PGD
Rope of life PGD
Spell canceller MFC
Paladin of white dragon MFC
XY-dragon cannon MFC
XYZ-dragon cannon MFC
Lusterdragon MFC
Amazoness swords woman MFC
Chaos command magician MFC
Double spell MFC
Guardian grarl DCR
Guardian ceal DCR
Cost down DCR
Skull archfiend of lightning DCR
Blast held by a tribute DCR
Strike ninja 1st ed IOC
Black tyranno IOC
Levia-dragon Daedalus IOC
Manticore of darkness IOC
Agent of judgement Saturn 1st ed AST
Gear golem the moving fortress AST
Blowback dragon AST
Ghost knight of jackal 1st ed AST
Mystic swordsman lv4 1st ed SOD
Perfect machine king 1st ed RDS
The creator 1st ed RDS
Reshef the dark being TLM factory ink on back
Insect queen DB2
Damage polarizer DP04
Ring of defence DP2
Bubble illusion DP1
Reign Beaux 1st ed STON
Voltanis the adjudicator EOJ
Allure Queen lv7 1st ed x2 CDIP
Uria lord of searing flames SOI
Chimeratech overdragon POTD

Goblin fan TFK
Exchange TSC-E
Graceful dice TSC-E
Skull dice TSC-E
Exchange EDS
Graceful dice EDS
Skull dice EDS
Perfectly ultimate great moth TSC
Riryoku TSC
Negate attack TSC
Alpha the manget warroir DOR
Beta the magnet warrior DOR
Gamma the magnet warrior DOR
Dark magician knight ROD
Knights title ROD
Sages stone ROD
Acid trap hole SDD-E
Salamandra SDD-E
Aqua chorus PCK-E
Windstorm of etaqua PCY-E
Silent swordsman lv7 WC5
Kaibaman WC5
Mind control WC5
Golden homunculus WC6
Helios the primordial sun WC6
Helios duo megistus WC6
Elemental hero necroshade GX1
Winged kuriboh GX1 x2
Hero ring GX1 x2
Spell striker WC07
Exploder dragon WC07
Destiny hero disk commander WC07
Acid trap hole DDS
Magicians circle NTR
Silent magician lv8 NTR

Cosmo Queen MP1 crease on top
Dark piercing light MP1
Shrink x3 STON
Cyber end dragon STON
Gemini elf IOC
Magic cylinder IOC
Lava golem IOC
Ring of destruction IOC
Diffusion wave motion RDS
Judgement of anubis RDS
Vampire lord RDS
Windstorm of etaqua SOI
Blockman DPK
Treasure map DPK
Hero spirit DPK

Machine king EM1
Total defence shogun CT1
Blade knight CT1
Command knight CT1
Swift gaia the fierce knight CT1
Iunsect queen CT1
Obnoxious celtic guard CT1
Gilford the lightning CT2
Exarion universe CT2
Vorse raider CT2
Rocket warrior CT2
Panther warrior CT2
Barrel dragon MC1
Dark ruler Ha des MC1
Blue eyes shining dragon MOV
Time wizard DL1
Barrel dragon DL1
Buster blader DL1
Toon gemini elf DL6
Toon goblin attack force DL7
The masked beast DL2
Acid rain DL8
Restructer Revolution DL5
Spear dragon HL03
Movie pack sphinxes EP1

Super rares

Swords of revealing light LOB-E
Man eater bug LOB-E
Celtic guardian LOB-E
Trap hole LOB-E
Polymerization LOB-E
Curse of dragon LOB-E
Mystical elf LOB-E
Dark hole LOB-E
Harpie lady sisters MRD-E
Tribute to the doomed MRD-E
Kuriboh MRD-E
Suijin MRD
Twin headed thunder dragon MRD-E
Garnecia elefantis MRD
Heavy storm MRD
Black pendant MRL
Maha vailo MRL
Invader of the throne MRL
Confiscation 1st ed MRL-E
Giant trunade MRL
Parasite paracide 1st ed PSV-E
Dust tornado 1st ed PSV-E
Mirror wall PSV-E
Backup soldier PSV
Nobleman of crossout PSV
Fairy meteor crush 1st ed PSV-E
Limiter remover PSV
Painful choice MRL
Black illusion ritual MRL
Messenger of peace MRL
Banisher of the light MRL
Mask of dispel LON
Mask of the accursed LON
Fire princess LON
Jar of greed LON
Kycoo thr ghost destroyer LON
Bazoo the soul-eater 1st ed LON-E
Dark spirit of the silent LON
Riryoku field LON
De-fusion 1st ed LON-E
Ryu senshi LOD
Exiled force LOD
Reinforcement of the army LOD
Spear dragon LOD
Twin-headed behemoth 1st ed LOD
Asura priest LOD
Drop off LOD
Sasuke samuri 1st ed PGD
Book of life PGD
Mirage of nightmare PGD
Statue of the wicked PGD
Gravekeepers chief PGD
Dark room of nightmare PGD
Barrel behind the door PGD
Trap of board eraser PGD
Z-metal tank MFC
Spell shield type-8 MFC
XZ-tank cannon MFC
YZ-tank dragon MFC
Skilled white magician MFC
Skilled dark magician MFC
Amazoness archers MFC
Different dimension dragon DCR
Dark flare knight DCR
Berserk dragon DCR
Mirage knight DCR
D.D. Warrior lady DCR
Butterfly dagger elma 1st ed DCR
Terrorking archfiend DCR
Mudora DCR
Dark master-zorc DCR
Spell vanishing 1st ed DCR
Trap jammer 1st ed IOC
D.D. Scout plane 1st ed IOC
Freed the brave wanderer IOC
Chaodrider gustaph 1st ed IOC
Wild natures release 1st ed IOC
Reload 1st ed IOC
Big burn 1st ed IOC
Orca mega-fortress of darkness IOC
Dedication throught light+dark 1st ed IOC
The agent of force mars 1st ed AST
Stone statue of the fortress 1st ed AST
Neddle burrower AST
The sanctuary in the sky AST
Legacy hunter 1st ed AST
Emissary of the afterlife 1st edAST
Des counterblow 1st ed AST
The first sarcophagus 1st ed AST
Horus lv6 1st ed SOD
Mobius the frost monarch 1st ed SOD
Penumbral soldier lady 1st ed SOD
Ectoplasmer 1st ed SOD
Greed SOD
Null and void 1st ed SOD
Thestalos the firestorm monarch 1st ed RDS
Triangle ecstasy spark 1st ed RDS
Divine wrath 1st ed RDS
Pikerus circle of enchantment 1st ed
Behemoth the king of all beasts 1st ed FET
Blast magician 1st ed FET
King dragun 1st ed FET
Ultimate insect lv7 TLM
Hieracosphinx 1st ed TLM
Megarock dragon 1st ed TLM
Master monk TLM
Brain control 1st ed TLM
Card of sanctity TLM
Goblin elite attack force 1st ed CRV
Cybernetic magician 1st ed CRV
Cyber twin dragon 1st ed CRV
B.E.S. Crystal core 1st ed CRV
Water dragon 1st ed EEN
B.E.S. Tetran 1st ed EEN
Goldd, 1st ed EEN
Cyber blader 1st ed EEN
Elemental hero bladegde 1st ed EEN
Cyberdark horn 1st ed CDIP
Cyberdark edge 1st ed CDIP
Cyberdark keel 1st ed CDIP
Cyber esper 1st ed CDIP
Storm shooter 1st ed CDIP
Cyber shadow gardna 1st ed CDIP
Trojan blast 1st ed CDIP
Super electromagnetic voltech dragon 1st ed EOJ
Majestic mech goryu EOJ
Victory viper XX03 1st ed EOJ
Clock tower prison 1st ed EOJ
Cyber prima 1st ed EOJ
Ultimate tyranno 1st ed POTD
Neo-spacian flare scarab 1st ed POTD
Destiny hero dogma POTD
Destiny hero double dude 1st ed POTD
Super vehicroid jumbo drill 1st ed POTD
Great shogun shien 1st ed STON
Dark world dealings 1st ed STON
Damage condenser 1st ed SOI
Ancient gear castle SOI
Demise king of armageddon 1st ed SOI
Ruin queen of oblivion 1st ed SOI
Divine dragon excelion 1st ed SOI
B.E.S. Covered core 1st ed SOI
Cyber barrier dragon 1st ed SOI
Tragedy 1st ed RDS
Burst return DP1
Edge hammer 1st ed DP03
Light lazer 1st ed DP03
D-counter 1st ed DP05
Eternal dread 1st ed DP05
Armed dragon lv7 DP2
Inferno reckless summon 1st ed DP2
The graveof enkindling 1st ed DP2
Over destiny 1st ed DP05
Cyberdark dragon 1st ed DP04
Magical mallet DP2
Ruthless denial DP04
Clay charge DP1
Return soul 1st ed DP04
Fusion guard 1st ed DP04
Terrorking archfiend DR1
Bubble blaster 1st ed DP1
Heavy storm DB2
Sky scourge enrice 1st ed FOTB
Cyber phoenix EOJ
Neo spacian aqua dolphin 1st ed POTD
Neo-spacian dark panther 1st edPOTD
UFOroid 1st ed CRV
VWXYZ dragon catapult cannon EEN

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