First Goal Scratchcards
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First Goal Scratch Cards are a great fund-raising tool for your club or society.

Each ticket has a latex panel which when scratched reveals a minute.

Each sealed pack contains 91 shuffled cards, with each card having a unique number 1-90 (plus a 00 for no score draws), which is not known until the latex panel is rubbed to reveal its number.

The winner is the player who purchased the ticket that has the minute the first goal was scored in.

Football Fun First Score adds excitement to weekly football games as well as well as being a popular CLUB Fundraise. Each Set Contains 91 Tickets,

One for Each Minute of a football game and one Tickets Marked 0 to be used in the Event of No goal being Scored.

Prize is PAID out on the exact time of FIRST GOAL in selected Match.

Price of Tickets & Prize Fund is up to individual Club

Ideal For a Club with limited Number of potential Sales Per Game.

Typical Prize Fund 91 Tickets @ €2 = €182 Prize €50 Gross Profit €132


Golden Goal Tickets Sets 10 €100

(Please allow €10 P&P)

Typical Example Returns

A typical example of Match Goal Scratch Card Game Set for one match:

Game Cards sold 91 at €2 each = €182.00
Winning Payout per set €50.00 Match Goal Scratch Card Package
Cost for a set of Match Goal Sratchcards = €12.00
Club Fund Proceeds per set sold = €130.00
discounts are available for larger purchases please contact us for rates

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But could you just send me the link and that would be easy

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Google and you’ll find a plethora of suppliers. I’m sorted now for my needs. GLW future sales.
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As you told me you could get them half price
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Your offer was was €55 off the price

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Can you send me a link please
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😊it’s the price we pay for 10sets in 🇬🇧
Said I’d try local first, not too worry if you can’t match. We use these for supporters club meet ups and don’t charge a fee, so €110 delivered is too expensive.
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