Flashforge Finder 3D printer

Flashforge Finder. Easy to use, quiet, perfect first 3D Printer.

Good condition


Wi-fi connectivity - Allows to place printer away.

USB Memory stick port - Transfer files on the printer.

4GB onboard memory - Store your object files and make them available directly from 3.5" Colour LCD for reprinting.

Assisted automatic platform leveling - Get started quickly and achieve good layer adhesion.

Ultra-low noise operation - Can easily be left to work overnight without any disturbance.

Removable platform - Helps to unglue well stuck stubborn objects, especially useful on larger prints.

CE, FCC safety Certifications.


Number of Extruders: 1 

Technology: FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) or FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Positioning Accuracy: Z Axis: 0. 0025mm,

XY Axis: 0.011mm Printing Accuracy: 0.1mm 

Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.5mm(adjustable in slicing software eg. Flashprint)

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (This can be changed/upgraded MK10 nozzles 0.1-0.8mm)

Shaft Speed: 40-200mm/s 

Nozzle Flow Rate: 24cc/h

Extruder Temp: 220 deg C (Max 240C)


Package Size: 505*500*545mm

Finder Size: 420*420*420mm

Layer Resolution: 0.1~0.2mm

Build Volume: 140*140*140mm

Filament Compatibility: PLA

File Format: STL, OBJ-> G-code file

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/ 8, Mac OX , Windows 10

Touch Screen: 3.5”, including 16 languages

Fully tested customer return, may not come in original packaging. Includes all original accessories as new

1x 0.6KG White or Blue PLA plastic filament roll(opened)


Filament guide tube.

USB Cable and UK Power Cable.

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3 months
@rossfarrell13: €150 OFFER ACCEPTED
3 months
3 months
@William Petzer Fair enough, let me know
3 months
Ok I'm waiting for someone to come have a look at my playstation and if they give me my price I'll take the printer
3 months
@William Petzer I'll take 160
3 months
What is the lowest price you will except?
3 months
@William Petzer no Thanks
3 months
3 months
@William Petzer yes
3 months
Is this still available ?
4 months
@newb I had it a year .
Don't know how long the other person had it for
4 months
how old?
4 months
@christy13 are you still interested?
5 months
@christy13 Sorry I can't go that low .
Thanks anyway
5 months
5 months
@christy13 I've added all the items that will come with it .
There also a 3d pen I will throw in .
I may even have the box in the attic.
Make an offer , may be open to swaps
5 months
@christy13 I'll check in the morning for you
5 months
How many hours of printing has the printer done and is there any rolls of filament going with it