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Intelligent lighting fixtures

11 x James Thomas pixel Line 1044 led battens flight cased in 3 flight cases

30 x James Thomas pixel line micro W led bricks 6 in each box

4 x Martin mac 250 entour moving heads in flight case

8 x Martin mac 350 entour moving heads in flight case

2 x Vari lite 2500 moving heads in flight case

28 xm Showtec sun strip DMX active 8 in 1 flight case the rest in lose in one large flight case

7 x Martin atomic strobes 6 in 2 x flight case & 1 loose

4 x martin disco twisters 100w 2 in each bag

Lighting control & power distribution

1 x Avolites pearl expert Titan 9.0 c/w monitor flight cased c/w desk light

1 x Avolites quartz Titan 10.0 c/w desk light. in flight case

2 x Avolites power cube 63a 3ph

1 x Avolites 5 pin truss mount buffer loose

Pulsar 6 channel din desk (dimmer powered)

1 x Pulsar 6 channel dimmer 63a single phase 16a outs in flight cased

1 x Pulsar 6 channel dimmer 32a 3phase 16a outs in flight cases

1 x pulsar 3 pin DMX buffer loose

2 x Atomic atomic detonator loose

Generic & HMI fixtures

1 x 700w HMI follow spot flight cased & extra bulb

50 x Pin spots narrow beams 30w

3 x Uv guns/cannons 400w each

20 x Etc par can 575w medium flood lenses (12 row)

8 x Etc source four's 575w profiles

6 x Showtec 2 lite moles 650w

3 x Strand cantata’s 1k floods

4 x Strand coda’s 1.2k Fresnel’s

20 x chrome james Thomas 500w floor cans cp 88 flight case

1 x martin 24/7 hazer

1 x martin DMX 1800 magnam fogger flight cased

Trussing & rigging

18 x 2m james Thomas super lite

9 x 3m james Thomas super lite

8 x 1/2m james Thomas super lite

12 x custom super lite base plate for free standing

2 x custom foot x foot base plate for free standing

Selection of corners & angle pieces for super lite truss

6 x manfrotto double wind ups

4 x manual 1 tonne chain hoists & chain bags

1 x 14 rough ladder a frame ladder

1 x 12 rough ladder a frame ladder

Selection of rigging: spannies, shackles, scaf bars, truss adaptors, steels, sunstrip custom brackets, truss pins & bolts etc


1 x 125a 3ph - 2 x 63a 3ph

2 x 63a 3ph - 3 x 63a single phase

1 x 125a 3 ph - 4 x 32a 3ph

1 x 32a ph - 4 x 16a single phase

80 x sockoplex selection of cable sizes & lengths

3 x 10m 63a 3ph

1 x 2m 63a 3ph

2 x 10m 125a 3ph

5 x 10 m 32a 3ph

Selection of mains converters step ups & down

2 x 10m 32a single phase

Selection of single phase convertors step up & downs 32-63 63-32 etc

300 lengths of 16a cables selection of sizes

55 x 16a y splits

50 x 13a-16a convertors

12 x 16a fan ins

14 x socko splitters

90 x 5 pin DMX selection of sizes

30 x 3 pin DMX

100 x 13A plug boards

4 x 50m multi looms with 2 scokoplex 1 dmx & 1 16a cable in it


1 x Allen & Heath powered 18 channel desk

2 x audca 1k amp racks c/w graphic x 2 ( 1 with 8 channel desk)

2 x kam 300w high mid speaker boxes ( flight cased)

2 x sennhizer microphones

2 x dynocord 300w monitor boxes (flight cased)

20 x speckon cables various lengths

xlr cables various lengths

A full list of audio converters & adapters


4 x 4.5m x 4.5m black wool surge

6 x 4.5m x 4.5m white travira's

1 x 6m x 3m crushed silver velvet

4 x spandex drop down ice neddles

There lots of loss bits truss borders gel frames bulbs gel & the like & bits & bobs not on the list racking also included.

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Bray, Wicklow
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2 months

Job lot bud

€28k cheap cheap
2 months
Would you sell the avo quartz separately and if so how much would you be looking for it?
5 months

No thank you
5 months
€15,000 OFFERED
6 months

6 months
will give you a call tomorrow just waiting to talk to my boss
6 months

Best to ring me
6 months

Hello there I might
6 months
any chance you would seperate a few bits? mainly interested in the sunstrips but maybe a few other bits as well
11 months
Hi my number is 0 eight 6 eight 5 six 9 two
11 months
Just for pm
11 months
Hi there

Pm a list of what you would be interested in & I’ll can let you know in PM thank you
11 months
Hi any chance youve had a change of heart on selling as a job lot would be interested in avo quartz and power cubes immediately along with a few other bits