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Audio Restoration Software (Download)
In-depth process control with extensive intervention options and few artefacts
De-hum Static and Dynamic removes background hum including harmonics with narrow band filters
Dynmic Mode automatically cleans the entire audio spectrum with up to 1024 dynamic notch filters by learning the noise profile
Restore Selection function allows a marker to be restored from any previous step in the Undo History
RX Spectral Editor and RX Music Rebalance ARA extension for Apple Logic Pro allows you to de-noise or extract and remix stems in a plug-in window within the DAW
Guitar De-noise to remove or reduce amplifier noise and interference as well as string, fretboard and heavy pickup noise
Loudness Control with various current loudness settings to adapt the audio material to the broadcast requirements, as well as numerical and progression display for short term and momentary loudness
Batch Processing allows the use of a complete processing chain with Module Chain, displays the associated metadata and allows export to multiple audio formats
Music Rebalance enables automatic creation of stems, identifies vocals, bass, drums and other instruments, and allows subsequent changes in mix balance as well as removal or isolation of stems
Instant Process for quick auto-corrections in the spectrogram
Composite View with up to 16 tracks for editing multitrack recordings
Repair Assistant detects problems such as noise, clipping, clicks etc. and offers editing suggestions in three intensity levels
Variable Time and Variable Pitch to change timing and pitch
De-bleed allows the reduction of unwanted crosstalk such as headphone or click sounds on vocal tracks etc.
Spectral De-ess attenuates sibilance without loss of sound quality
Mouth De-click removes unpleasant mouth noises
Spectral Repair allows specific processing in the Spektorgram to interpolate dropouts, remove background noise, etc.
Voice De-noise reduces unwanted static or dynamic background noise such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.
De-plosive for transparent processing of plosive sounds
Spectral De-noise removes or reduces permanent background noise
De-click is used to eliminate clicks, pops and digital impulses
De-clip reduces / eliminates analogue and digital clipping artefacts
Many other functions like normalise, fades, resample, dither etc.
Contains 16 modules, 10 plug-ins and 18 utilities

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